$100 Million Grant for Political Indoctrination of Sesame Street’s Preferred Class?


Sesame Street and the International Rescue Committee have received a $100 million grant from The MacArthur Foundation to teach what some perceive to be left-wing values to suffering refugee children abroad who are susceptible to radicalization.

“To some degree, the program has been developed as a way to fight terrorist actors such as the Islamic State (ISIS) by educating children.”

Helping these children is a good goal but what about our own minority children who are joining gangs in their pre-teen years?

“This may be our most important initiative ever and we are humbled by the trust and confidence that has been placed in us,” Sesame Workshop President and CEO Jeffrey Dunn said in a statement. “These children are, arguably, the world’s most vulnerable and by improving their lives we create a more stable and secure world for us all.”

They will produce a local version of Sesame Street for Syrian refugee children — 9.4 million children to be exact. They will make home visits with toys and games. That is kind but what about our poor children in Appalachia?

The program has been tested on children in refugee camps in Jordan and they want to expand it to other nations.

That is a heartfelt kindness, but look at what they are going to teach them according to their statement: “Embedded in the content, Sesame’s Muppets will model inclusion and respect, and gender equity, and they will provide engaging educational messages, always from a child’s perspective,” the release reads.

It doesn’t say “equality”, it says “equity” which is a concept that puts some races in a superior position to others based on outcomes. That is what they mean by inclusion and respect as well.

Those are all the code words used by Marxists. Once we had missionaries helping foreigners, now we have Socialist government-worshippers.

This program is a double-edged sword. Is the children’s show becoming a political and worldwide indoctrination center for the left?

Do you think we are off-base?