10,000 Cases of TSA Misbehavior In 3 Years


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Cartoon photo of TSA Frankensteinian employee

In a three year period, cases of TSA misbehavior have increased by 26%. There were nearly 10,000 cases of employee misconduct between 2010 and 2012. In 2012, they were unionized which now protects them the more normal discipline they would receive in the private sector.

Annual cases of TSA misbehavior are on the rise now that they are unionized.

Employees not showing up for work accounted for 32%. Screening and security-related issues accounted for 20%. Another 10% are for abusive language or behavior towards travelers.

There are reports of thefts, employees trying to bring contraband through security, and sleeping on the job.

Almost half of the cases received letters in their file even though a number of the offenses should result in firing by most peoples’ standards.

Forty-seven percent of the cases that GAO analyzed resulted in letters of reprimand, which describe unacceptable conduct that is the basis for a disciplinary action; 31 percent resulted in suspensions of a definite duration; and 17 percent resulted in the employee’s removal from TSA. The remaining cases covered a variety of outcomes, including indefinite suspensions.

The management is apparently poor.

The TSA doesn’t even have a ‘process for conducting reviews of misconduct cases to verify that TSA staff at airports are complying with policies and procedures for adjudicating employee misconduct,’ according to the report.

They do not ‘record all misconduct case outcomes, including cases that resulted in corrective action or no penalty, in its Integrated Database (TSA’s centralized case management system) because the agency has not issued guidance requiring the recording of all outcomes.’

‘TSA does not have reconciliation procedures–that is, procedures to follow up on completed misconduct investigations to ensure that the agency has identified cases requiring adjudication.