10,000 Texts of FBI-Mueller Officials Found That Will Take “Weeks” to Redact


A total of 10,000 texts were found that were exchanged between FBI officials on the Mueller team, Pete Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The DoJ isn’t sure if the texts are tied to the probes and they won’t know for some time. Apparently the DoJ needs a very long time to read texts.

Justice Department officials say the process of reading and redacting the texts could take “weeks,” and that the thousands of text messages between Strzok and Page span over “several months.”

Here we go again. They will redact them for weeks, at least. Nothing has changed under Jeff Sessions.

Why do they have to redact them? Agents aren’t allowed to share confidential information in texts. Undoubtedly they were talking about grandchildren and golf.

Remember when Comey went through 650,000 emails in 8 days? Get him back to go through them. He had the speed reading team.


  1. I’ve been proclaiming for many months, Sessions has proven to be a worse than useless POS who needs to go. Worse because his actions, recusal, laid this president wide open to a witch hunt and, this man who loved to pound his chest, “I’m a law and order guy,” sits mute while all the corrupt, treasonous Obama hold overs continue to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

    The only question, is Sessions pure coward or is he one of the Deep State bastards protecting his long time Deep State amigos.

    • The motive of Sessions is an interesting subject, a more important subject is how to remove him. I recall Trump once said that Sessions is worried about the media so he assured Sessions that Trump will take the heat for any investigations/prosecutions Sessions does. This indicates Sessions is scared. But his participation in the coverups is factual, since he blocks nearly all information releases to Congress. Fear is no excuse for the corruption he exhibits.

  2. Perhaps there is personal information to redact, though this appears to be just more coverup. Sessions won’t be shown anything that is incriminating and if he was he would not release it to Congress.

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