10th MInnesota Man Charged as ISIS-Wannabe


While Obama is running around in his delusional state blaming guns for terrorism and trying to bring unvetted Islamists into the country, Minnesota’s New Americans are churning out terrorists.

ABDIRIZAK MOHAMED WARSAME, 20, became the 10th Minnesota man to be charged with conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and providing material support to ISIL.

Like his co-conspirators, he’s a Somali-American, and they are all first or second generation. The Minnesota Somali community is also actively engaged in counter terrorism.

He was part of a group of men who played basketball and watched propaganda videos at a local mosque, according to the Star Tribune. You notice I said MOSQUE, those buildings we won’t raid.

Community leader Sadik Warfa said he hopes that his community won’t be “victimized twice.”

“Islamophobia is a real concern within our community,” he said, noting a recent uptick in anti-Muslim talk. “If someone in the Somali community has done wrong, the legal system will take care of it. But cases such as this shouldn’t reflect on the entire community.”

Warsame was the “emir” or leader. He was a recruiter.

Warsame is one of nearly 90 people from inside the United States identified by U.S. authorities as having been inspired to take some sort of action on behalf of ISIS.

Fox 9 reported that Khaalid Abdulkadir, age 19, of Minneapolis, was arrested for making twitter threats after his friend Warsame was arrested.

His tweet from @kabdulkadir14: “More brother get locked up the cops body they will find on the floor body’s dropping fast #kill them FBI and [expletive] as judge.”

Khalid’s aka Kahaalid’s Facebook page sports this lovely cover photo.


He’s obviously not grateful for all America has to offer and should be sent to the failed state of Somalia or better yet, GITMO.

These 10 men will end up in a US prison where they can radicalize others and where they will  be released in short order as more hardened criminals.