130,000 Kurds Flee Certain Slaughter While U.S. Ignores Their Pleas


The Kurdish militia are fighting to fend off ISIS in northern Syria. It appears they have slowed the advance of ISIS but no one is coming to their aid.

ISIS is attempting to grab Ain al-Arab which gives them a very large stretch of land along the border with Turkey.

ISIS took more than 64 Kurdish towns over the weekend causing 130,000 terrified Syrian Kurds to flee over the border to Turkey in two days.

ISIS currently surrounds the Kurdish border town of Kobane on three sides.

The PKK Kurdish rebel group in Turkey has called on Kurds to cross into Syria to help in the battle but the Turks have blocked them from leaving to help their fellow Kurds.

Riots have broken out on the border between Kurds and Turkish border guards over being blocked and because the Turks have closed all but three crossing to fleeing Kurds.

A Syrian Kurdish woman is seen in the picture below as she attempts to enter Syria from Turkey to fight ISIS. She is being stopped by Turkish border guards armed with a water cannon.
woman trying to get into syria

There are reports of mass executions and horrible atrocities as ISIS takes over the towns. In the picture below, murdered children and adults are being removed from a pickup truck in May of this year.
Murdered kids and adults
The atrocities ISIS is willing to commit are unspeakable. Mass beheadings are part of the ISIS terror training manual. We have seen children running around with the heads of the slaughtered. We know ISIS routinely beheads babies and children.

The Kurds have begged for U.S. help. No one is listening. Americans don’t seem to care.They’re “war weary” the media tells us.

The same people who say it is not our fight also tell us to allow unlimited numbers of anonymous people flood over our borders for humanitarian reasons.

Mr. Obama’s tightly-controlled bombing campaign which began last evening destroyed Khorasan training camps, a munitions production facility, a communication building, and command and control facilities in eight strikes.

Khorasan are a direct threat to the United States.

The cries of the Kurds, however, are falling on deaf ears.

The U.S. is no longer a force for good in the world.

The only European country to have joined the U.S. air strikes is France but they won’t bomb in Syria. ISIS has threatened to behead a French captive if they continue to bomb.

ISIS has been sending suicide bombers into Baghdad, killing and capturing soldiers.

Yahoo reports that more than 50 countries have signed up to the anti-ISIS coalition but it’s hard to know what that means since they aren’t helping in the fight.

Russia condemned the air strikes as an invasion of sovereign territory because they are so respectful of sovereign territory (I’m being sarcastic). Bashar al-Assad did not complain.

In an audio statement posted online, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohamed al-Adnani said Muslims should seek out and kill Westerners whose countries have joined the coalition, in particular Americans and the French.

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European… including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him,” he said.

When we need help, will people come to our aid?

Our lack of humanity might come back to haunt us one day.

SOURCE: Yahoo News