15 Antifa Photos You’ll Never See in Legacy Media


By Doug Ross at Director Blue

Today’s Democrat Party is Antifa. They own this terror group. And, yes, it is a terror group.

The Sentinel is adding this one: The Antifa flag being used by the Democrat Party Brown Shirts is the same as the paramilitary flag of the German Communist Party in 1932. Can you tell the difference? It is being used in Europe as well.


  1. The woman who yelled ‘stupid black’ should be asked why she made her hair look like a white person, blonde no less.

  2. Here in the French speaking province of Quebec in Canada, we also have some of those violent “antifa”, they recently beat up some people just for having different opinions…it is on the news here, but our media – just like yours – puts all the blame on the right wing groups that were also present….our media – just like yours – sympathise with the violent left and do not call them violent or wrong or antyhing, they always blame the right.

    This antifa-leftist disease has spread to all developped nations….it must be organized by very powerful people in high places….how else can such attacks happen in many nations almost on the same day? very rich people pay those antifa terrorists, this is a well organized thing, there is not a iota of “grass root” in that violent movement.

      • George Soros, after putting the EU solidly on course for disaster with his Open Society/Open Borders initiative, now awash in Muslims/Jihadists. He has now focused all of his attentions to America. His new initiative called, “Democracy Spring,” an Arab Spring knock off, the goal of which is to cause chaos and ultimately, civil war.

        George Soros, a truly despicable man, is dedicating more than a Billion to see that, “AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK By These 187 Organizations Directly Funded By George Soros,” http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/wow-america-is-under-attack-by-these-187-organizations-directly-

        • the fact tens of thousands of leftists pop up out of nowhere and are available almost instantly in any nation from the USA, Canada, France, Spain to Germany etc etc is highly suspicious

          some say there were 150,000 PRO-illegals protesters in Spain…how can 150,000 people ant so badly to be invaded by aliens???

          It does not make sense, those people are paid to be there.

          some of those leftists ” counter protestors” and ” antifa” are paid.

          for all this to be possible the orders have to come from someone very rich and powerful.

          there is nothing absolutely NOTHING “grass root” or spontaneous in those protests and those “antifa” people showing up in very large numbers

          As S Noble mentioned, the same people who paid people to protest the at Occupy Wall Street ar paying protsters today

          but things are getting worse, their numbers are growing and they are more and more violent…and the more violent they are the more the main stream media lie and swear it is the right who is violent

          I would bet a lot of money the media are paid by the same people.

          All of this only makes sense if they are paid and receive orders from very high up

          Absolutely not one thing in all of this looks spontaneous, natural or ” grass root”

          Why would the media lie that much unless they gain something from telling lies day after day after day?

  3. George Soros funds a lot of left wing terrorist groups. They are paid activists. Hillary and Obama help them also. This will go on until the leftists rule the world!

    • Indeed, Soros is in this, up to his eyebrows.

      If EVER there was a time We The People must take stock of America, of who we are and what we are threatening to become, this is it.
      Democrats, the MSM, the Faux Republicans, are to me, literally declaring war on America. And in many ways, we are witnessing the true legacy of the 8 long years of Obama (“Gee, Thanks Obama”) and his very successful rending apart of our people.
      Time and again we have been told there are “fringe Right” groups, militias, who threaten us. Apparently, those fringe folks are few and far between. Meanwhile, the Left has been very busy organizing and arming radical fascist factions ready to perpetrate a coup. They have now been set free.

      Think back, folks … Janet Napolitano as HLS head, and I’m sure with Obama’s blessings listed We The People as, “potential terrorists.” That list included, but not limited to, war Vets, Right to Life believers, any group with the labels “Constitution, Patriots, 2nd Amendment, Christians, Preppers. In short, if you did not, in every way, embrace the Left and their ideologies, YOU WERE a potential, Domestic terrorist. I honestly do not know a single individual who was not at some point, included in that list.
      Several months ago, Putin issued an international arrest warrant for Soros. I say Trump should gift wrap him and UPS him to Moscow.

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