1800 Years of Assyrian Christians Being Wiped Out


h/t Robert Howard

More than 200, perhaps as many as 400 Assyrian Christians, have been captured by ISIS in Syria and they now face a terrible fate. Some alleged ISIS twitter feeds claim they will be treated exactly like the 21 Egyptian Copts if the U.S. doesn’t stop bombing them. The victims are mostly women, children and elderly.

In Northern Iraq, the attacks on Christians and other religious sects also continue.

Assyrian Christian militia

Assyrian Christian militia

The Assyrian Christians of Ninevah Plain have been fending off ISIS in towns near Mosul but they’re running out of ammunition.

“We have only 90 rounds for each of our Kalashnikovs and we haven’t the money to buy more ammunition,” says Sergon, commander of a band of two dozen ill-armed Christian militiamen living in the deserted village of Bakufa, close to the Isis frontline. The 1,500 Assyrian Christians who once lived in Bakufa fled when Isis fighters from Mosul 18 miles to the south captured and later lost the village during their offensive last August.”

“The Isis men are now dug in a mile away from Bakufa. On a field radio we can hear one of the fighters loudly demanding in Arabic that somebody bring him some drinking water. We also hear them talking in Turkish and English,” says Sergon. “But, going by their accents, we think those speaking English are Chechens and Afghans, who don’t have a common language.”

These men are legitimate boots on the ground. Why isn’t Barack Obama arming them? The U.S. is ignoring them as they ignore the Kurds. Instead, the U.S. is putting all efforts into an Iraqi army that has shown it is not ready to fight. The Iraqi army is comprised of Shia (Iranian in part) and Sunni forces who continually fight each other.


The Christians lived in the Syrian towns for 1,800 years through vile dictatorships without being disturbed. Now they are refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan or Turkey, Lebanon and even further away.

Peshmerga General Wahid Majid Mohammed would like to see them return to Bakula . It’s “75% safe here, he says, though there is no electricity or drinking water.

“Once, we Assyrians were a great empire,” says one of the fighters.

In addition to no weapons, they have only one vehicle and the Kurdish Peshmerga provides their food.

ISIS, on the other hand, is well-equipped.

The ISIS army is down the road and is a mixture of foreigners and Iraqis from Arab countries, mostly from powerful Sunni tribes who can get reinforcements from Mosul.

The Peshmerga regained Bakufa and Tel Eskoff,  a small Assyrian Christian town nearby that was once home to 10,000 people, but is now deserted.

The people who lived there were farmers but the fields are now abandoned. The former inhabitants have lost everything and the longer they are gone, they more unlikely it is that they will return.

Gen. Mohammed doesn’t have faith in an alleged proposed attack by US Central Command and 20,000 to 25,000 Iraqi soldiers to retake Mosul.

“They are just statements, the plan is not really credible,” Gen. Mohammed said.

The U.S. walked that alleged attack plan back within hours of making the claim. The claim only served as a distraction and to bolster Barack Obama’s image as a “warrior” who is in this fight.

Meanwhile the homes of the people who lived in the Christians towns have been ransacked by ISIS and Peshmerga and their belongings sold. The last Christian left weeks ago out of fear of execution.

When the battle for Mosul finally occurs, the more than one million people living there might also become exiles.

Iraq is a land of exiles as ISIS slaughters all minority religious sects. Syria is home to the ISIS caliphate as is much of Iraq.


Summarized from The Independent UK