Can A Person Be Both Christian And Homosexual??


Let’s poke a stick into a hornet’s nest.

Perhaps – just perhaps – a civil dialogue will result, although if it goes off the rails, I won’t hesitate to pull the entire post.

This is about religion and sexuality, a subject that instantly shot to center-stage when a pro basketball player publicly declared himself a homosexual this past week.  That proclamation triggered an avalanche of public comment, both for and against – but, mostly for – his declaration.

There’s no need to identify the athlete.  This has nothing to do with him, personally.  It’s about a question being debated almost everywhere; can someone be both a Christian and homosexual at the same time?

As usual, I have an opinion on that subject and I’m prepared to support that opinion in a civil debate setting, but I’m more interested in what YOUR opinion is on the subject.

Here’s your chance to sound off!

Can a person be both Christian and homosexual???