Obama Strikes Deal With the Taliban Devil for Re-Election – Important Update


Taliban Executing Pakistani Policemen by Shooting & Stoning, 2011, I'm Sure They've Changed A Lot Since Then


Update, 2/17: Karzai has confirmed the meetings between the U.S. and the “nice” Taliban who are merely mass murderers (They only want peace so they can take over).

Worse yet, Obama is going to release Guantanamo prisoners, starting with three,  to show goodwill. Some of these prisoners killed scores of civilians and are in prison for crimes against humanity.

They cannot be released without guarantees, but what guarantees can you get from mass murderers who repress women and children. People who were captured with soldiers lives lost in the process???

…At the January meetings, the United States laid down its conditions: a ceasefire, cutting ties with al-Qaeda and respect for Afghanistan’s new constitution and human rights, including women’s rights. The precondition for the rebels led by Mullah Omar is the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and the release of terrorists held in Guantanamo.

For AsiaNews’ sources, such demands are premature. The United States and the Afghan government are in a weak position vis-à-vis the rebels; the latter have in fact seized number of regions in the country. Back in September, they also carried out a major attack in the capital.

“If international troops leave Afghanistan right now, the country could slide into chaos,” sources say. “The Afghan army is still unprepared and lacks the means to guarantee security. Likewise, cutting ties with al-Qaeda does not mean ending the insurgency because too many Afghan terror groups are Taliban-connected but not controlled. Beside, no Muslim leader has yet backed the Afghan constitution.”

Sources are very critical of the great excitement shown by the Obama administration with regards to the meetings. In order to entice the Muslim extremists to the talks, President Obama offered to release three maximum-security prisoners.

“The United States is rushing things,” sources said. “Some of the prisoners killed scores of civilians; are in prison for crimes against humanity and cannot be released without some guarantees.”…Read here: Asia News

Original Story, 2/16: The U.S. and Afghan governments have begun secret three-way talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told The Wall Street Journal, disclosing an important breakthrough in efforts to end the 10-year war. Read more: WSJ

This is a farce ..

The Taliban are an extremist fundamentalist form of Sunni Islam out of Saudi Arabia called Wahhabism.*

Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, theologian and founder, sought to rid Islam of impurities and emphasized exending his religious teaching by force.

Unbeliever Moslems who did not accept his teaching (including Christians & Jews etc.) were put to death. Immediate entrance into Paradise was promised to his soldiers who fell in battle and it is said that each soldier was provided with a written order from Ibn ‘Abd ul-Wahhab to the gate-keeper of heaven to admit him forthwith. In this way the new teaching was established in the greater part of Arabia.

The Saudi’s fund schools all over the world that teach Wahhabism. Many of the Taliban were educated in Saudi-financed Madrassas in Pakistan that teach Wahhabism***

This is a blatant move by Obama to win the 2012 Presidential Election….

Making a “Deal ” With the Taliban is tantamount to making a deal with the Devil! 

We will have sacrificed blood and treasure in Afghanistan for nothing … 


***During the 1970s, Wahhabi clerics encouraged the spread of this revolutionary and atavistic ideological synthesis into Saudi universities and mosques, because it was seen as a barrier to the threat of cultural Westernization and spread of corruption that accompanied the 1970s oil boom.

Consequently, the royal family and their religious establishment looked for a cause with which to deflect the growing zealotry from Wahhabist theofascism, a danger highlighted by the seizure of the Grand Mosque at Mecca by heavily armed Islamic Studies students in 1979.

The diversion that the royal family seized upon was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.The Saudis financed a large-scale program of assistance to the Afghan mujahideen, in coordination with the Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence agency (ISI) and the CIA, while funding radicalized madrassas to disseminate neo-Wahhabi ideology and literature in the sprawling Afghan refugee camps of Pakistan.

They also dispatched thousands of volunteer jihadis from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to fight alongside the mujahideen.These so-called “Arab Afghans” dispersed to far-flung areas of the world after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1988.

They pursued further victories against “unbelievers” in the name of Islam, and they were accompanied by militant Wahhabi preachers.

These elements would form the backbone of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was initially headquartered in Sudan, but returned to Afghanistan in 1996, following the seizure of Kabul by the Taliban. This was a new Afghan force, recruited in Wahhabi madrassas and, trained by the Pakistanis. Its goal was the establishment of a model Wahhabi state in Afghanistan.

They will call themselves Deobandis but this is who they are. Remember their renowned abuse of women!