$284,883 per Tree Planting Job, Thanks to the Stimulus



The President is talking about having a Department of Jobs! That will work well since the current government has been so successful thus far in creating jobs.

Almost half a million dollars just went for tree growing jobs in Nevada (that would be Harry Reid’s state). I would have planted them for half that amount.

In general, the Stimulus added jobs, no doubt about it, it added very expensive jobs and did nothing for the jobs picture as evidenced by the unemployment numbers.

The National Taxpayers Union has their Outrage of the Week audio rant on their site here. The title of the rant is “Stimulus Jobs Don’t Grow on Trees.” The rant focused on the $490,000  of our stimulus money that went to grow trees in Clark County, Nevada to grow jobs. The federal government’s own website said the tree-growing expenditure preserved (not created) 1.72 jobs and some short term jobs as the result of a grant program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (We’ve been had)

This is a story being repeated throughout the country.

Nevada state agencies received $3.3 billion and the tree money came from this pot. I wonder what else the money went for. Ah, heck, it’s only a half million, chicken feed, we spend trillions now.

Maybe the Stimulus didn’t create jobs, but it did create waste.