2nd Amendment Reinforcements Needed in Border Security Battle



Just a few months ago the 2nd Amendment was under a withering assault from politicians all across the country.  The horrific slaughter in Connecticut was a flashpoint for local, state, and federal representatives to call for much greater restrictions on the rights of gun owners.  With most media joining the chorus it seemed pols were about to greatly “infringe” on “the right of people to keep and bear arms”.

Then something happened.  Led by a powerful National Rifle Association, and articulate conservative lawmakers, a  grassroots coalition of pro 2nd Amendment advocates, and constitutionalists, were joined by outraged citizens in a stunning push back against this government overreach.  They flooded elected officials with emails, calls, and personal visits.  Papers were filled with letters to the editor, and huge demonstrations popped up throughout the nation.  They  turned the tide against all those chief executives and legislators who thought sweeping, intrusive changes to existing laws were a slam dunk.   Because we know all those elected officials didn’t suddenly catch “constitutional fever”, it’s safe to assume the “gun rights people” literally scared their reps into doing the right thing.  That whole process was a template for effectively stopping emotionally driven, poorly written, constitutionally questionable legislation.

Now that model needs to be followed once again.  It must be applied to an increasingly bloated, misrepresented immigration bill, that for all the chatter, does not secure our border.  But, if this latest legislative travesty is to be stopped, the movement needs 2nd Amendment activist reinforcements to join the battle.  They are a strong, very effective lobbying force when engaged in political struggle.  It’s just this group of principled Americans seems, oft times, to singularly focus their energies and concerns only on protecting “the right of people to keep and bear arms.”

Maybe they assume once they’ve beaten back the latest “gun control” assault their work is done until the next time.  That thinking fails to take into consideration the kinds of consequences sure to come from other, less direct but equally dangerous threats to their liberties, hidden in 1,200 page bills with such vanilla titles as “Immigration Reform”.

Are there stricter regulations over firearms specifically written into this measure?  Who really knows?  Some of the smartest people who’ve read this thing complain of the nearly incomprehensible  language .  But what the act’s supporters understand, and many in the gun lobby apparently don’t, is that sooner rather than later this measure would fundamentally, and perhaps heavily, tilt the voting rolls in favor of those who lean hard left.

Some time in the future, there will be another tragic incident.  A horribly disturbed person is going to get his hands on a weapon and cause multiple casualties.  Which side of the 2nd Amendment debate do you think those millions just brought from the shadows will take?  If just 20% of the “New Americans” add their voices in support of an hysterical law that suddenly and severely constrains the freedoms of gun owners, the scales will be tipped in a way to make this spring’s political winners….losers.

Elitists in D.C. and throughout all levels of government are hopping mad over having a “gun control” defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.  They’ll be back with a vengeance, especially if their ranks are suddenly filled with fresh troops.

Champions of “the right to keep and bear arms” need to rejoin those who, earlier this year stood with them.  They are needed to apply their impressive “political action skills” towards stopping an immigration bill that treats border security with the same respect their pompous, left wing adversaries  treat the 2nd Amendment.   Come help man the ramparts….and the phones.