3 of 4 Terrorists Convicted in the US Are Foreigners

Farooq Mandhai, 32, a Pakistani national, was a high profile removal who “had all the factors of a national security type high profile removal,” said Greta Stephens, one of ICE’s high profile removal program staff officers. Mandhai was a national security risk due to being identified as a convicted terrorist. He had been convicted of plotting to bomb electrical power stations and a National Guard Armory in south Florida, as part of a jihad mission. In May, ERO officers in Chicago deported Mandhai back to Karachi, Pakistan.

Fully three-quarters of the terrorists convicted in this country are foreigners, according to The Hill. A report out of the DoJ found that in the case of 549 convicted terrorists, 254 were foreign citizens, 148 were naturalized U.S. citizens and 147 were natural born U.S. citizens, between Sept. 11, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2016.

Those individuals were born in India, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Uzbekistan and Yemen; some obtained U.S. citizenship, others legal permanent residency or refugee status.

The report also says 2,554 people on the terrorist watchlist were intercepted attempting to enter the United States, 2,170 by air, 335 by land and 49 by sea.

A recent Inspector General’s report found that ICE under Obama released what may be known or suspected terrorists without oversight or follow up. They have 2.4 million on their docket who are not re-screened. There are several reasons for it from poor management to inadequate staffing but one of the main reasons is the suspected terrorists are protected in sanctuary cities.