What Hillary Said Should Be on Page One


trillion dollar hillary

What Hillary has been saying this past week should be front page news but it’s not because all we talk about is Trump, Trump, Trump. She is getting away with absurdities. Leftist Bernie Sanders holds a 10-point lead over Hillary in New Hampshire according to the latest polls because he’s giving away more “free” stuff on the backs of the “rich” allegedly. However, Hillary is doing quite well on her own.

Here are three things you can expect from a Hillary Clinton presidency according  to her this week and  none of it is good. [She looks so bored in the interview, doesn’t she? Maybe she’s not getting enough help for her medical problems]


Hillary’s “freebies” like free college, child care and leave, aren’t free. They will cost a trillion dollars over ten years, she told the Concord Monitor.

UNKNOWN MALE: “When you look at your spending proposals, all of which seem wonderful, free college and parental leave and things like that but those add up to a trillion dollars so I wonder two things: How high would the tax rate have to be on the people who make more than that, it’s 34 percent roughly now and I don’t believe you don’t support a financial transaction tax but your primary opponents do so I’m trying to make those numbers work.”

CLINTON: “Well, what I have proposed would be about a $100 Billion dollars a year so it would be a trillion over ten years.”

As usual she did not answer the question. She only answers questions she wants to answer.






Her ISIS plan is close to Obama’s failed plan, she said. She’s not only admitting this, she’s bragging about it.

UNKNOWN MALE: “Anything you would have said differently or disagreed with — with respect to President Obama’s address [indecipherable]”

CLINTON: “I was really happy that he made the address. I thought it was very important for him to address the nation. And you know, I think his take on what need to be done is close to mine. I think we have to intensify and accelerate and you know, really, kind of get the world behind us. And that’s why I’ve laid out my own — my own views on this.

But I was — I was very pleased at the address, you know the country. Because, people are scared. You know, I did a big event — Sunday with families. And there about I don’t know, 350 people, about 150 kids. And in my duty events I only asked — only the kids can ask me questions. Like my favorite thing to, and have to be under 18 to ask me a question. And these little kids were saying, ‘what would you do about bombs?’ What would you do about — you know people who kill people?

I mean, you know, when I did the same thing two months ago in California, the questions were ‘what kind of dog do you have?’ And you know it — I mean, the worry that people are living with right now because of this, I think deserve and really call out for the president to address, to acknowledge the fears that people are experiencing. But to say look, you know, it’s OK to be fearful but we’ve got to move from fear to resolve.

And we’ve got to have a plan. And here’s what I think we need to do. And I’m going to summon the world to work with us on this. And that’s you know, that’s why it was appropriate for him to do that.”


Chelsea and husband


She’s attacking Trump in part to distract from the latest news that she intervened in a mining deal for her daughter’s husband. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton intervened in a request forwarded by her son-in-law on behalf of a deep-sea mining firm to meet with her or other State Department officials, according to the recently released Clinton emails.

One of the firm’s investors had asked Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who is married to Chelsea Clinton, for help setting up such contacts, the emails show.


You will be happy or unhappy to know she’s not been to jail yet. She thinks it’s funny now but who knows what might happen.

“Gentleman right there in Yale cap. Oh, my Goodness, I’ve spent time there. That was Yale, not jail. (Laughter) He and I, we have this in common.”


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