3-year Old Boy Becomes A Girl One Day with Parents’ Blessing


Jack to Jackie

Free range parents – parents who let their children go to the park alone – get locked up and lose custody of their children, but parents who let their 3-year old child transgender are supported in their decision.

NPR has an article about parents who supported their 3-year old boy Jack becoming Jackie. No big deal says one commenter on the NPR article, s/he can always transgender back and the parents are just trying to make him/her feel comfortable.

At age 3, Jack looked sad one day as he sat in the back of the family car while his sister was being dropped off at school. His mother prodded him to explain and he said,”… I’m sad because I’m a boy. ”

She confirmed. “You’re really not happy being a boy?” she asked.

She then did what any left-wing mother would do, she took him to the drug store and got him elastic hair bands and gave him two ponytails.

“And I’ve never seen such a happy child,” she remembers. “To go from maybe an hour before this, this child who looks so sad, to that, I felt like I’d done something right by her.”

The parents and child then spent months picking out girl names and came up with the ingenious change to Jackie from Jack.  They had help from the pre-K teacher no less. By the time Jack was 4-years old, he was Jackie.

The family moved from Atlanta to Oakland, an LGBT-friendly area. So much better a place to raise a now very confused child.

When he told local children he was a boy with a ponytail and wearing a dress, some of them – alpha males according to dad – questioned it but along came a little girl who announced s/he was his/her friend and the crowd dispersed, making dad very happy.

They know that there will be problems of depression, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse but they’ll weather it. It apparently hasn’t occurred to them to raise their child in the gender he was born with.

The article also talks about acceptance of transgenders as if that should even be an issue for a child this age. The child was 3!

As mom explains, her daughter Chloe is the only one in the family Jackie still allows to occasionally refer to her as “Jack,” as “he” and as “brother.”

Mom doesn’t let anyone but Chloe acknowledge the truth?!?!

“Chloe is very loving and protective and supportive,” she says. “But I think for Chloe, she still attaches this memory of her little brother, of Jack. And it’s right now hard for her to let that go. It’s that last piece she’s holding on to.”

“I myself have times when I miss my boy,” says James Christian. “And I look at the old clothes and the old pictures and I will miss Jack. And that’s probably never going to go away. That’s just going to take some time.”

This sure says a lot about our culture and it’s all bad.

It’s possible this child has gender dysphoria and s/he needs to be treated. If he didn’t have it, he has it now.

Walter Heyer is a transgender male to female who runs a website called sexchangeregret.com. He notes that at a young age, he was abused by his grandmother, who insisted on his wearing a purple dress and pretend to be a girl. He regrets the transgender surgery and did his best to reverse it. He now tries to help other transgenders and has only negative things to say about transgender surgery.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

Parents who transgender pre-schoolers are playing with fire.


  1. This is truly the most ignorant and stupid thing I have ever seen. As if gays being married was not bad enough, now we have parents openly promoting their child in becoming a member of the opposite sex? This is child endangerment at best…… At Best….. The3 child should have been removed from the home after learning of this tragic decision…..

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