30 Government Agencies Shared Personal Data of Innocent Americans



Inspector Holder-Clouseau

Overreaching US agencies, allegedly looking for dishonest federal workers, secretly collected the personal information of innocent Americans and passed it around from agency to agency, nearly 30 in all, even though the subjects of the scrutiny had no direct ties to the US government.

The innocent Americans caught up in this grand sweep have no legal recourse because the Supreme Court has said that once information is turned over to a third party, the individual has no expectation of privacy.

Astoundingly, the government is collecting and disseminating the information illegally. It is all being done using the excuse that it is necessary for national security.

The records of nearly 5000 people, who were customers of two men under criminal investigation, were shared with about 30 federal agencies. The information included their professions, Social Security numbers, and so on.

The men being investigated merely sold books on how to beat a lie detector test. The techniques are unproven in any case.

Why does our government suddenly have the right to say these men cannot sell books that teach people how to beat lie detector tests? This should be the subject of scientific study in the least since the tests are highly unreliable to begin with.

The Administration has misused their powers, ignoring privacy rights, in numerous other cases. For example, Holder is coming down harder on whistleblowers than any previous administration. He has even illegally spied on AP reporters and a Fox reporter by lying to the FISA court and claiming it was part of a criminal investigation though their clear intent was to find out who their sources are. The AP has said their sources have now somewhat dried up.

The government is claiming that they are only concerned about security clearances.

People who were innocently investigated were nurses, firefighters, police officers, lawyers, psychologists, a cancer researchers, Rite-Aid employees, Paramount Pictures, the American Red Cross, and Georgetown University. Some of the victims never even bought the book and one ordered the wrong book by mistake.

This is a government that is completely out-of-control and completely lawless. The government is repurposing FISA court warrants and using them to increase the actual authority they have been given. We have seen it with the NSA and we are now seeing it in every government agency.


The Full Story is at McClatchy and our original story is on this link.