30% of Glenn Beck’s Staff Escorted Out by Guards, Some In Tears


Our first report about Glenn Beck’s failing enterprise noted that Beck said he fired 20% of his staff but as it turns out today, he laid off 30% according to sources.  He had them escorted out by guards for some reason, according to reports at The Daily Beast.

Many were in tears and some are worried about how to support their families. One found out when a co-worker reached him as he helped his family suffering from the hurricane.

Mr. Beck always described his employees as family.

We are not saying The Daily Beast is being honest. But, if it is true, it’s a very cruel way to fire staff.

The past three years have been disastrous for Beck with plunging traffic, subscriptions and ad revenue. Cable distributors have departed. That we know is true.

Since he replaced the executives who were responsible for his success, he has not done well. He does admit that being anti-Trump hurt his empire and his radio show.

The empire is burning down as Drudge reported. From The Daily Beast:

The employees of Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts and The Blaze, the privately-held companies that comprise his once thriving but now crumbling conservative media empire, suspected something bad was going to happen Thursday morning when they arrived for work at the suburban Dallas, Texas, production complex and noticed the extra complement of security guards.

By the time Beck himself spoke to his dwindling army of underlings as one of his personal bodyguards from Gavin de Becker’s celebrity protection service stood watch, nearly 60 of their coworkers had been abruptly fired—a body count that amounted to almost 30 percent of the workforce, according to estimates compiled by shell-shocked survivors.

Some of the terminated employees were seen reeling out of the company’s human resources office in tears after being instructed to surrender their IDs, pack up their personal belongings and vacate the premises, while their access to corporate email was revoked.

We can’t verify that but more will come out.

Beck fired camera operators, producers, a receptionist, a beloved longtime makeup artist, and a well-regarded graphic artist who didn’t learn about his sacking until a coworker reached him Thursday night on his cell phone in Houston, where he’d trekked to help relatives cope with the floods of Hurricane Harvey.

George Szucs Jr., the executive producer of right-wing talk radio host Dana Loesch’s weeknight television show on The Blaze, was also handed a pink slip.

Loesch is working without a contract.

At least three shows were canceled: The Wonderful World of Stu, a weekly television satire, a la E!’s The Soup, hosted by Steve “Stu” Burguiere, the executive producer, head writer and regular cohost of Beck’s radio program; Pat & Stu, the afternoon radio show cohosted by Pat Gray and Burguiere that follows Beck’s morning show on The Blaze; and Pure Opelka, radio jock Mike Opelka’s take on the news mixed with celebrity and political interviews.

Even Beck’s weeknight TV sermon is uncertain. It’s in reruns this week.

Beck wrote one of his typical essays on Medium and TheBlaze.com explaining that he plans to come back from this.

Beck is said to have told his remaining skeptical employees that he chose them.


  1. Beck has been in trouble for some time. I wouldn’t say he has a Messianic complex but he certainly sees himself in the prophet role. He has fallen into the ever set trap of self importance.
    Stopped watching or reading any of his crap years ago.

  2. What a bleeping low-life jerk!

    When he left Fox he surely wanted to build a “media empire” similar to what Ted Turner accomplished. He had high hopes and went full force. His failure began early on because of his management ineptitude. Just because someone can flamboyantly successful on TV and radio doesn’t mean you can create a media empire from scratch.

    Any person, even remotely educated in management skills, would have ever run a business in the manner Beck had done. NORmally, when a person desires to start a business you consider costs above all else. Money that is earned is routed back into the business in order for a positive and consistent growth curve. It is understood by most in business that a Five year time span is what determines a long term plan. In that first Five years moneys are only spent where necessary and any expenditures are scrutinized to meet the long term goals.

    But, this was NOT the rule that Beck followed. Instead he went on a buying binge. The amount of artifacts that he purchased is beyond belief for a new startup company. These items were extremely rare and no doubt the cost was immense. We also need to include his acquiring the Oval Office replica so he could sit behind the Resolute desk and act as though HE were President.

    So, if a person is beginning a new enterprise should he live a lifestyle worthy of the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. His desire is to live the life of a Bill Gates. He has put many out on the street, but see how HE lives. Beck is more about himself than any other person around him, as these firings show. I suspect he will do the same as in previous instances and go on the air, and “cry”, and tell the public “mistakes were made” and he will return bigger and better. Yeah RIGHT!!

    • Your assessment seems accurate enough but I will remember that Beck did a lot of good things but he spread himself way too thin in the doings.

    • I read that too. It wouldn’t surprise me. I never thought he’d make it work, especially after he went on his crazed anti-Trump rants.

  3. Did you happen to notice the article Also links Beck himself. And, his producer has also related details on the matter.

  4. Glenn did a lot of good for a lot of folks but he spent too much money before he paid off his debts. Spending money you can’t afford to spend is financial Kamikaze.

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