Media Matters, the Eliminate Bias Group, Fomenting Hate & Bias Towards Israel & Fox News


Media Matters, the organization which has tax-free status so it can rid the airwaves of bias, has teemed up with Al-Jazeera, the anti-American and anti-Israeli cable news channel.

MJ Rosenberg of Media Matters calls Al Jazeera mainstream.  Media Matters leaders, Brock and Burns, met with the  then-leader of Al Jazeera in 2010 to discuss their mutual dealings.

Al Jazeera, which has been called the only “real’ news by Hillary Clinton, proves the world has gone mad, or at least these two have.

In their view, it is okay to listen to the hate station, Al Jazeera, but not the American station that leans Conservative, Fox news.

In a 2010 forum Doha, Qatar, MJ Rosenberg representing Media Matters, (Rosenberg writes regular columns for Al Jazeera), expressed unreserved joy that President Obama was treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so poorly.

Bizarrely, Rosenberg also claimed the left-of-center New Republic magazine, which regularly defends President Obama, was “very much of a right wing, Jewish publication.”

In his speech, Rosenberg also praised Obama for treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worse than any American president has ever treated an Israeli prime minister.

“When Netanyahu came to Washington, no president has ever treated an Israeli prime minister as coldly as Netanyahu was treated by Obama,” Rosenberg said, with obvious joy, to what was presumably a largely Arab audience.

“Suddenly Israel today is, even though it gets what it wants to a certain extent, Israel is treated as another country, a foreign country, which makes it no different than all the other foreign countries. That is what Obama is trying to do: take Israel away from being the 51st state and make it a foreign country like Lebanon or France or any normal foreign country.”

“He has done that,” Rosenberg added. “You know, he has sent the Arab world signals from day one of where his heart is.”…

And then there is this –

Rosenberg tweeted his latest Al-Jazeera piece, published March 15, titled “Not blindly, not arbitrarily.” Al-Jazeera English also tweeted it out, summing up the article, “Op-ed: The #ArabLeague wants peace. Israel wants power. #Palestine just wants the occupation to end.”

Anti-Semite? You decide. Personally, if this type of thing doesn’t stop, I think there will be another Holocaust.

Source: Daily Caller

Even Alan Dershowitz, most liberal Harvard Professor, has identified the rabid anti-Semitism at Media Matters. Click here for more information

I wouldn’t hire MJ Rosenberg to sweep my floors, I’d rather sweep the floor with him. He could never make it into the news without his angry, hateful rhetoric – it is all he has to offer. He works for Media Matters, with its tax exempt, because he is as much of a fraud and pseudo-intellectual as they are.

MJ frequently expresses hate towards our government and elected officials. He particularly hates Conservatives. Go to 16:49 and here MJ lying about education and demonizing the Tea Party and Fox News as dangerous bigots who show up with guns. Seems to me that the only ones who have shown themselves to be dangerous are the Occupiers.