$360 Million U.S. Tax Dollars Went to Afghan’s Criminals & Jihadists

General Petraeus Found the $360 Million Theft

About $360 million of your tax dollars went to the Taliban and other terrorist groups so they could use it to attack our soldiers in Afghanistan and to further their Jihad.

The fault lies with the corrupt contractors and subcontractors in Afghanistan. The money started out with legitimate contractors, but through “reverse money laundering,” control of the money was lost to direct payments and/or via money flow through the subcontractor network.

Almost three dozen subcontractors who transported food, water, fuel and ammunition to American troops sometimes sub-let their services to companies with criminal and terrorist ties.

Stealing U.S. funds has made war a lucrative business enterprise for the corrupt Afghan government.

This systemic corruption doesn’t bode well for the future of Afghanistan.

General Petraeus has brought this to the fore though I have heard it before. The General warned commanders to know with whom they are contracting to attempt better control over our money.

It is rather difficult for commanders in the field to command troops, fight a war, read Miranda rights to prisoners, and also to investigate contractors.

In the end, it is a fraction of the $31 billion we spent on contractors. Read here: The Afghan War is the “Right War.”