38 Special Forces & Afghans Dead In Attack

U.S. Special Forces

In one of the deadliest attacks of the Afghan War, 38 are dead at the hands of the Taliban.Thirty Americans and eight Afghans who were shot down over Pakistan were rushing to help Army Rangers who were under fire. Twenty two were Navy Seals and all but two were members of Seal Team 6 that took down Osama bin Laden. Also killed were three Air Force combat controllers and a dog handler and his dog. Special forces are assuming more responsibility as troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan.

One of the deceased is Aaron Carson Vaughn, 30, father of a two-week old child and a toddler. His grandmother spoke about him to CNN. “He loved his family. He loved his country and he was willing to give his life to protect his family and protect his country. He was a great American.”

Aaron Carson Vaughn

Her grandson, who turned 30 in June, was stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and had been in the service for about eight years, she said.

She recalled one of the last conversations she had with him.

“I told him to be careful and he said, ‘Granny, don’t worry about me.‘ He said ’I‘m not afraid because I know where I’m going if something happens to me.’ Aaron was a Christian and he stood firm in his faith,” she said, her voice heavy with emotion.

“He’s with the Lord now, and I’ll see him again some day.” See video here:Grandmother talks about her grandson.

The situations in Afghanistan and Iraq are worsening, not only from attacks, but because of the ever-growing influence of Iran on the governments. Yes we can doesn’t resound as well as it did in 2008.