40,000 New Laws in the Government-Controlled States of America


Who is in charge? You the people or the government? Obviously the government!

Forty Thousand new laws—from making it a crime to sell a live animal on any street or in any parking lot, to honoring law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty with a special medal—become effective Jan. 1, 2012.

These state laws will change rules about  getting abortions in New Hampshire, learning about gays and lesbians in California, getting jobs in Alabama and even driving golf carts in Georgia.

In some states, it will be illegal to conduct bible study classes in your home, collect rain water (forget God, your government knows better), and for some,  it will be okay to smoke marijuana in your backyard but not smoke cigarettes – in your ow backyard.

Long Island, NY wants to throw you in jail if you grow bamboo in your own backyard.

I’m not saying that all the laws are bad, but do we need 40,000 in one year when so many of them are merely for the purpose of robbing people of freedom?

Here are some of them –

One California town is actually considering making it illegal to smoke in your own backyard.

In Louisiana, a church was recently ordered to stop giving out water because it did not have a permit to do so.

In the United States it is illegal to operate a train that does not have an “F” painted on the front.  Apparently without that “F” we all might not know where the front of the train is.

In many U.S. states is it now illegal to collect rain that falls from the sky on to your own property. There is a good chance that federal agents will raid your home at the crack of dawn.

In Washington D.C. it is illegal not to recycle cat litter.

It is illegal to give a tour of the monuments in Washington D.C. without a license.

In the United States it is illegal to sell natural cures for cancer – even if they work.

In the state of Massachusetts it is illegal to deface a milk carton.

In the state of Alabama, bear wrestling is completely illegal.

In Fairbanks, Alaska it is illegal to give alcoholic beverages to a moose.

In Lake Elmo, Minnesota it is illegal to sell pumpkins or Christmas trees that are grown outside city limits.

There is a federal law that makes it illegal to be “annoying” on the Internet. [Here is a big anti-speech law]

If you register with a false name on MySpace or Facebook you could potentially “spend five years in federal prison“. (How many people do you know who use their real name?)

In Hazelwood, Missouri it is illegal for little girls to sell girl scout cookies in the front yards of their own homes.

All over the United States lemonade stands run by children are being shut down because they do not have the proper permits.

In Florida, it is illegal to bring a plastic butter knife to school.

In San Juan Capistrano, California it is illegal to hold a home Bible study without a “conditional use permit“.

In the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania it is illegal to make even a single dollar from a blog unless you buy a $300 business license.

In Illinois anyone under 18 must wear a seat belt in a cab, but only when traveling for school related purposes. While another law in Utah says daily drink specials can not be given during happy hours.

Another law in Georgia is requiring that all new golf cards have brakes, a horn and other safety options because golfers were driving their carts out into traffic.

Bankrupt California, living off the federal tax payer, is also addressing illegal immigration. The California Dream Act expands eligibility for private scholarships to students brought to the country illegally when they were infants. The second part of the Dream Act, expanding eligibility for financial aid, will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2013. Additional legislation authorizes any student, including one without lawful immigration status, to serve in any capacity in student government.

This law doesn’t take rights away – a California law will add gays and lesbians and people with disabilities to the list of social and ethnic groups whose contributions must be taught in history lessons in public schools. The law also bans teaching materials that reflect poorly on gays or particular religions.

This law favors people based on gender issues and therefore takes rights away – a law in California amends the  Fair Employment and Housing Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the enumerated characteristics that require equal rights and opportunities under the law and prohibit discrimination. California AB 887

California passed a series of election reform bills that will go into effect on Jan. 1.  AB 80 consolidates the presidential primary with the state primary.  AB 84 allows new citizens to register and vote on Election Day, compared with other citizens who must register at least seven days before the election. [There will be a lot of fraudulent voters, count on it, because it leaves no time to check their status as legitimate voters.] 

One law (AB 459) in California joins the state to the National Popular Vote compact, whereas another requires votes on initiatives and referenda be in even-year general elections only, not in primary or special elections (SB 202).  AB 547 makes it a misdemeanor for someone who provides care to an elderly person in a state facility or program to coerce or deceive the person into voting a certain way. [Begins the destruction of the Electoral College, the one body that stands between freedom and mobocracy]

California will now prohibit any state or local government from requiring a private employer to use the federal E-Verify program unless required by federal law or as a condition of receiving federal funds.  AB 1236 [More expensive illegals to care for thanks to the open border policy of this lawless administration of which California is a big proponent.]


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