5-4 Ruling In Favor of Hobby Lobby In Birth Control Dispute


The Supreme Court ruled narrowly but in a big win by 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby. Companies are not required to pay for women’s contraceptives if they have religious objections. This case also affects Christian book store Mardel and Mennonite-owned Connestoga Woods.

SCOTUS put a halt to one aspect of Obamacare which says that if the government mandates you must pay for abortifacients, you will pay for them, regardless of religious objections.

It only affects small proprietorships and Justice Roberts expressed regret over the decision. Closely held corporations cannot be made to provide birth control. They do not have to check religious convictions at the door.

Justice Alito wrote the majority opinion and Ginsberg wrote the dissent.


Alito wrote that “RFRA applies to regulations that govern the activities of closely held for profit corporations like Conestoga and Hobby Lobby” and the “The HHS contraceptive mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion.”

Justice Roberts supported the majority but offered no separate opinion. He didn’t sign off on this part of Obamacare today.

You can read the background on the case on this link.

David and Barbara Green of Hobby Lobby

David and Barbara Green pictured above are the owners of Hobby Lobby. They were willing to close down their business for their religious beliefs.

Listen to explanations for both Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods, the lesser known case tied into today’s decision: