500 Pounds of High-Grade Explosives Stolen from Federal Facility


missing explosives

Did you hear about the 559 pounds of explosives missing from a federal storage facility in Montana? The explosives were stolen by persons unknown.

They went missing without a trace but officials said it is unlikely that it involves terrorism. I don’t know how they’d know that since they don’t know who took it or why.

Come to think of it, what would a terrorist want with 559 pounds of high-grade explosives.

Let’s hope the explosives don’t show up in in backpacks in a US city.

Locals are speculating that the theft was pulled off by miners or forestry personnel. Let’s hope they’re right because the only ones who appear to be looking for it right now are the forestry service. No word from the FBI.

I’m surprised the media isn’t running with this story and blaming the Tea Party or a Christian.

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