$842,387 for Memories Pizza But the Bullies on the Left Still Have ‘Christian Privilege’


Update: 18:30 EST: The fund is up to $827,017 raised by 28,543 people in 2 days.

The Memories Pizza controversy is a manufactured crisis by the leftists who take us from one crisis to another. They want to use social causes to demonize anyone and everyone on the right, and they want to do it in time for the 2016 election.

It didn’t work this time in the case of the little pizza shop whose owners – the O’Connors – innocently said they wouldn’t hold a gay wedding in their pizza parlor but would readily serve LGBTs.

Their comments were to a hypothetical question asked by roving media hacks looking for a victim. It didn’t even matter that it was a ridiculous hypothetical in that there are hardly any people who would hold a gay wedding in a pizza parlor or order pizza wedding cakes. It should have been a joke. Instead it was a cause celebre.

People responded and contributed to the O’Connors’ gofundme.com page which is now up to $489,095 raised by 16,518 people in 1 day.

It’s not about this shop in the minds of leftists. We must remember that this hullabaloo over Memories Pizza is by leftists who, for the most part, happen to be LGBTs. They’re leftists first, LGBTs second.

Christians represent all that haters hate about traditional America. Christianity as a philosophy, not only a religion, is so much the cornerstone of our nation that it must be destroyed in the minds of the secular progressive left – the totalitarian left.

Leftists want to change America and Christianity must be transformed for that to happen.

There are those who want us to think Christians are wallowing in Christian privilege. They’d like Christians to believe it and denounce themselves.

A student at Appalachian State University posted this bulletin board on her Facebook page, rejecting its theme, and she was met with a frenzy of vicious invective.

If it were only that one board dredged up by Christians looking for a victim as the website Crooks and Liars would have us believe. They claim that Fox went looking for this one victim.

Unfortunately, it’s not just this one bulletin board in one university. It’s the latest lie from the totalitarian left and it is meant to harm Christianity and its followers. It’s spreading in colleges where it can do so much harm.

If you go to google, you will find the left trying to make it into fact from fiction as they did so successfully with white privilege.

One website – it’s pronounced Metro sexual – has 30+ proofs that Christians out there have Christian privilege. They offer up having days off from school or work for religious holidays as one proof. Another is – it is easy to find stores that carry items that enable you to practice your faith and celebrate religious holidays. Apparently they never heard of supply and demand.

The Humanities project at Arizona State has the same list. Miami U has the same thing going on. Humanities anything is communism by a different name.

Huff Po, atheism.about.com, crooks and liars, Sojourners for Faith in Social Justice, and countless others all discuss the same invented problem besetting Christians who are made out to be arrogant and condescending.

The leftists want everyone to be the same – that’s social justice. No one can have one iota of anything more than anyone else.

This is a country founded on Christianity and it infuriates these leftists to the point that they are willing to make up a syndrome to justify their hate rhetoric.

They extend the “privilege” concept to anything they want to alter such as heterosexuality, men, class, and so on. If you think you are privileged, you will want to cater to the opposite.

The innocent student at Apalachian State University became their victim. She responded in a way the totalitarian left won’t allow – she fought back.

As far as the O’Connors are concerned, they’re not going to be pushed out of town, but, as Bill O’Reilly said yesterday on Fox & Friends, where are the Christian leaders in this? Why are pizza owners and students at Appalachian State University left to fight alone.

Watch this poignant moment: