AOL & HuffPo Loves Obama


For AOL it’s Barack Obama – every day and in every way.

MSNBC may be the leader when it comes to cable television support for President Barack Obama, but it’s America Online that’s far and away the biggest cheerleader for the computer crowd.

It’s to be expected, really.  The day Arianna Huffington moved into the controlling seat at AOL you had to know that the former famous web site would instantly convert to all things Democrat. Arianna Huffington is the president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group which now totally controls AOL.

Arianna Huffington With Far Left Partner In Crime Bill Maher At A 2007 Event.

And it shows.  Anything and everything that might help Barack Obama win re-election can be found at AOL.  And if it’s not exactly factual or relevant, they’ll go with it anyway!

At this very moment, a totally negative Mitt Romney headline is the #1 story at AOL.  Here are a few others:

  • Heavy Burden On Romney As Debates Present Last Chance
  • Why Todd Akin May Still Win, Even After ‘Legitimate Rape’ Fuss
  • Ann Romney Concerned For Mitt’s ‘Mental Well-Being’
  • Another Supreme Court Term Kicks Off Monday
  • Warning Signs Seen Before Johnny Lewis’ Violent End
  • Legendary Former NYT Publisher Dies
  • Trial Starts With Setback For Pope’s Butler
  • Scientist Who Galvanized Global Warming Movement Reprimanded
  • Despite Friday’s Loss, Wall Street Posts Best Third Quarter Since 2010

In the sidebar, AOL features yet another scathing “news report” concerning Mrs. Romney’s attire during a recent guest spot on late-night TV.  The HuffPo fashionistas don’t like anything the woman says, does or wears.  Other than that, she’s fine.

Mrs. Obama?  She can do absolutely no wrong, wear nothing that isn’t absolutely perfect, and is just the most outstanding mother on the face of the Earth.  And they don’t hesitate to come right and say so.

The far left slant is glaring, obvious and on-going.  Not an hour goes by that AOL isn’t sniffing so close to Obama’s butt that…..Well….You get the idea, I’m sure.

The good news?

AOL was in very serious financial trouble before hooking up with Ms. Huffington and, at the rate they’re going, and with the far left slant to everything they publish, it won’t be long before the advertisers they depend on seek out a more popular venue.  Formerly paid AOL columnists have been replaced by mostly unpaid HuffPo writers and, for now, that huge reduction in overhead has AOL stock at its highest level of the year.  Most stock analysts will not, however, switch their recommendation to “buy” because the company has a long history of poor performance.

The bad news?

Tabloid journalism remains popular and AOL is among the leaders in totally garbage “news reporting”.  But it takes working capital to function and if Obama doesn’t win re-election, it’s advertising dollars will do exactly the same thing they did before Ms. Huffington’s appearance on the scene – disappear.  At one point, AOL stock was worth just a few pennies this side of junk.  Don’t be surprised if they drop like a rock in the not-to-distant future.