55% Now Optimistic About a Trump Presidency


Trump will be Time’s Person of the Year!

Time magazine tried to be snarky on the cover by calling it the divided states of America, but who made it that way? Barack Obama did.

Hillary came in second for Person of the Year. She just can’t stop coming in second.

Some are saying the cover is another devil’s horn cover.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said today that:

“A new poll shows president-elect Donald Trump is enjoying a post-election bump in popularity.

The first Bloomberg politics poll taken after election shows Trump’s favorability up to 50%, up 17 points since Election Day; 55% are optimistic about Trump’s presidency with 73% saying it was okay for the President-elect to recalibrate his campaign pledges now that the election was over; 79% felt that trump should now tone down his rhetoric from the campaign trail.

Turning to his business empire, 69% feel Trump should not be forced to sell his businesses; 67% felt that trump should choose between being president or being a businessman however 51% are confident he will put the nation’s best interests first.

Okay. Anybody surprised by these? “

You can be pretty certain the entire media is surprised. They’ve been wrong for a year-and-a-half. There’s no reason for that to change now.


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