6 Steps to Destroy the Hippocratic Oath



“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Patients and doctors will no longer be in charge of healthcare if Obamacare is fully realized and, as of now, it appears it will be.  Doctors, who have been demonized to help pave the way for the government takeover of healthcare, will be expected to work for depressed wages and they will be required – mandated – to follow the dictates of the government in decisions about your health.

Doctors will be made to abandon their conscience and the Hippocratic Oath in cases where the government decision conflicts with theirs and yours.

Consider what has brought us to this place and the predicament doctors will now find themselves in. If they don’t do what the government says, they will go to jail – it’s in the bill.


1. The Democrats want to make doctors into slaves who work at the will of the government.

We saw this one coming.

In 2011, Mr. Obama’s people decided to force doctors to work for less than what it costs to see the patients.

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MPAC) was established by Obamacare to supervise $716 billion in Medicare cuts. MPAC, whose decisions have the force of law, has voted to impose drastic pay cuts on all doctors under Medicare and, by extension, under Medicaid (which tends to follow suit).

The cuts will effectively reduce the real pay for specialists by 50% over the next ten years — including a 25% reduction over the next three years — and cut general practitioners’ pay by one-third over ten years (and that assumes that inflation stays down at 3% a year).

MPAC ruled that specialists must accept a 6% cut in their fees per year for each of the next three years followed by a seven year freeze in their fees without any adjustment for inflation.

If inflation stays very low — at 3% per year — this cut amounts to an 18% cut in nominal pay and a 50% cut in real pay for specialists. General practitioners will face a ten year freeze on their pay, reducing their real compensation by one-third assuming ongoing low inflation. Higher inflation, of course, would make the cuts in real pay even more drastic…”


2. The government will eventually force doctors to take Medicaid and Medicare patients even if it is completely unaffordable for them to do so.

At least one Virginia Democrat, Kathleen Murphy, is now actively calling for doctors to be forced into taking Medicare and Medicaid patients. Murphy is running for the House of Delegates and doesn’t realize this might not sound very American.

She wants it done by government decree no less. She apparently does not recognize that payments are currently inadequate to cover doctor’s costs nor does she seem to realize that there is a shortage of doctors that is expected to double to 90,000 in only a few years.

Look at the graph of how doctors are paid for Medicare patients (Medicaid is worse):


When the Obamacare bill was written, Democrats like Pelosi talked about mandating that doctors take Medicaid and Medicare patients because they knew the payments to doctors for those patients would be too low.

The payments are not only too low, but the government makes excuses to not pay at all, even with all the fraud and abuse they let slip by. My friend is a PA and her dermatology office hasn’t been paid for many of the bills they submitted for the last four years.

Check out this 2010 video on the issue:


3. The government planned to spy on doctors in 2011.

If you remember back to June, 2011, the White House tried to launch a ‘spy on doctors’ program. They had a mystery shopper approach which was set to begin in September 2011. People posing as patients were going to call doctor’s offices and request appointments, some for a potentially serious health problem and others for routine care.

All doctor’s offices were to be called at least twice to determine whether they were willing to take in new patients with private insurance while telling participants in government health programs to look elsewhere.

It was outed and the bad press the White House received caused them to reverse the decision to go ahead with the program.

What were they going to do when they found doctors who didn’t take those patients? Humiliate them? Take their licenses away? Imprison them? Nancy Pelosi once talked about prison for people who didn’t purchase health insurance policies.

“I don’t like the idea of the government snooping,” said one Washington doctor. “It’s a pernicious practice — Big Brother tactics, which should be opposed.”

The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago was contracted to contact a total of 4,185 doctors’ offices. The White House pretended at the time that the president hadn’t given his final approval even though the deal was made and was only a few weeks from launch. Click here for more information.


4. Doctors are evil.

Do you remember back in 2010 and 2011 when doctors were being demonized along with insurance companies to keep them in line? The president accused them of operating when all they needed to do was give people a pill. Mr. Obama wants people to believe that only the government can provide healthcare. He believes that insurance companies, doctors and patients cannot be trusted with healthcare decisions. Only the government can be trusted.

In this video, Mr. Obama goes after doctors removing tonsils:

In this video, Mr. Obama accuses doctors of amputating feet to make money:

In 2011, CNN posted as story about doctors keeping patients waiting and suggested that doctors who are late with appointments should be compelled to pay their patients for wasting the patients’ time. The Doctor has to pay you now! The only reason that article was posted was to further the narrative at the time.

With the help of the media, Obama and his people accused doctors of giving patients too many scans, too many X-rays. Some do no doubt because the administration refuses to put through Tort Reform and doctors are frequently sued for no legitimate reason. Doctors try to protect themselves.


5. When Mr. Obama and the media claim government healthcare won’t be substandard, they are lying.

The Obama administration stopped paying bills to hundreds of healthcare companies earlier this year thanks to bureaucratic mismanagement at the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), the same people who gave you healthcare.gov.

Medicare patients will not get the tests they need. Will diagnostic labs also be forced to give tests they won’t get paid for? Read the entire report, published on Forbes.

In March of this year, Kaiser Health News noted that a panel for a major medical group called for drastic changes in Medicare doctor pay. “In a report, the panel—mainly composed of doctors—concludes that there are enough “marginal, harmful, ineffective, or unnecessary” services already being paid for in Medicare that outside funding is unnecessary,” Kaiser wrote.

There will be no need for increased taxes, just a reallocation of funds and looking at unnecessary tests and procedures.

An Obamacare panel will get to decide how and when doctors are paid and what tests and procedures they find acceptable. They aren’t going to raise taxes so the only way they can get the money is to ration care or lower doctor pay and expect doctors to take Medicare patients as charity cases.

Doctors are going to be paid for not performing needed tests and they will be penalized for those seniors they help too much. The medical panel wants to bundle payments and not pay for each individual service which means doctors who treat Medicare patients won’t get paid for everything they do. Kaiser seems to think it is a good thing.

The Physician Payment Commission had twelve recommendations, some of which appear to translate into the following.:

  • They want stand-alone fees eliminated.
  • They want doctors to perform tests and procedures in lower-cost facilities, despite the doctor’s judgement on the issue.
  • They have a risk-adjustment, rationing recommendation they are putting out clothed as something that will protect seniors.
  •  Doctors will have a lot more paperwork to receive the paltry payments they now get from Medicare.

HHS will expect Medicare doctors to perform some work for nothing if this becomes routine. It is already being tried.


6. The government will be all-powerful and doctors will go to jail if they follow the Hippocratic Oath over the government’s will.

Just as they are doing with people of faith, they are demanding that doctors abandon the Hippocratic Oath.

Several years ago, Rep. McDermott, a socialist congressman from Washington state, said that all healthcare decisions must be taken out of the hands of doctors and patients and put into the hands of government. He demonized doctors saying that his 69-year old friend had back pain and the doctor ordered three unnecessary scans for $10,000 as an example of alleged abused by doctors. He said that patients would be given as much information about their healthcare as possible under Obamacare but ultimately the government had to decide because of the costs now that the government is in charge.

What arrogance! How did we let this people become so empowered?

McDermott is also known for ethics violations for illegal wiretapping so it is not surprising that he believes the government should be able to do anything it wants.

Obamacare will allow the government to do anything it wants.

In 2011,  Dr. Elaina George, a Princeton graduate and board certified Otolarynologist, warned us about Dr. Eekiel Emanuel’s Coordinating Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research which is changing the way our government healthcare system works. It uses the complete lives system which bases the types and amounts of treatments and medicines on a person’s age.

Obamacare assumes, as Dr. George says, that doctors, in consultation with their patients, do not have the ability to make the right healthcare choices so they appointed a 15-member board of bureaucrats – IPAB or Independent Payment Advisory Board – to make decisions about how doctors and hospitals are paid while ignoring the doctor-patient relationship and the Hippocratic Oath.

Dr. George wrote that a second board created by the stimulus bill called The National Coordinator for Health Information Technology “will determine treatment at the time and place of care”.

They are charged with deciding the course of treatment for the diagnosis given by the doctor.

This makes it obvious as to why there has been a big push towards the implementation of universal electronic medical record use. It becomes a tool to completely control the physician and the patient.

Doctors who don’t comply with the government will first be fined and then they will go to jail. Those physicians and hospitals that choose to practice individualized patient care in consultation with their patients will be punished because they are not “meaningful users of the system over time.” Beginning January 1, 2013 penalties for doing the right thing for a patient will cost the doctor $100,000 for the first offense and jail for the second offense.

Dr. George concluded: 46% of physicians in a survey by The New England Journal of Medicine stated that they would leave the practice of medicine if Obamacare was implemented. This will only further decrease the quality of healthcare when the 30 million more people enter the system. Maybe that’s why there was a big push in the healthcare bill to increase the number of other providers such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners. There is no question that rationing will become our future. If you add 30 million more people into a system with fewer resources how could you possibly avoid rationing? Read more from Dr. George on this link.

Consider reading this the article on this link by Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser in which she cites all the many different laws doctors have been expected to navigate and ask yourself if this doesn’t help explain why there is a doctor shortage.