60 Minutes Clinton-Obama Interview Was a Disgrace

60 Minutes interview with President Obama and Secretary Clinton
Best Friends Now

Without saying it, Hillary Clinton has launched her run for the presidency in 2016 with a 60 minutes interview in which she was fed softball questions, minimized the Benghazi affair and her role in it, and was backed up 100% by Barack Obama.

This was an effort to praise and extoll her performance despite the fact that she headed up an organization with serious systemic problems that led to the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi.

They didn’t need a journalist present for the softball questions that were asked. His questions shed no light on Benghazi. The interview was yet another opportunity for Barack Obama to heap praise on Mrs. Clinton, praise she readily accepted, despite her ineffectiveness as Secretary of State.

When asked if she felt guilty about Benghazi, given that she took responsibility for the mishandling, she did not answer the question and obviously does not feel guilty from what she said. She said that she felt regretful and that Amb. Stevens knew what he was getting into.

They took credit for the takeover of Egypt by the Brotherhood and are pleased about Libya, although it is a more dangerous place for our country and is now a base for training of al Qaeda recruits.

Most upsetting for me was when the President joked about the government routinely making mistakes. Hillary following up with her most insincere laugh. The not-so-veiled reference was to Benghazi. Benghazi was a mistake to laugh about apparently.

They were bumps in the road and it was not optimal as the President said at the time.

The interviewer asked Hillary if she is taking responsibility but not blame. The media is not taking responsibility.