60 Minutes Finally Covers Benghazi After a Year-Long Delay


Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton at Benghazi hearing when she made her famous statement, ‘What difference…at this point…does it make?’

The Benghazi report televised on 60 minutes this past Sunday accurately covered some of the significant issues surrounding the 9/11 attack, but they left out the role of political operatives like Hillary Clinton. 60 Minutes said they didn’t politicize the report because they wanted it to follow the guidelines of true journalism.

They didn’t bother to mention the ridiculous and dishonest story about a video being the cause of the attack.

It has been more than a year since the Benghazi attack and 60 Minutes has been nowhere to be found. They said they have been investigating for a year.

Much of what the 60 Minutes report revealed are things we have known for much of this past year, namely that the consulate was left unprotected and Ambassador Stevens and his aide were very concerned about their safety, having asked for help, help they never received.

The warning signs were everywhere: long before the attack, al Qaeda flags were flying in the area; the Libyan guards were visibly not capable of defending the compound; and there was even an online posting by al Qaeda warning the Americans that they would be attacked after al Qaeda attacked the British embassy and the Red Cross. The British and then the Red Cross were attacked as foretold. DC knew the US consulate was next and ignored the warnings.

The US diplomats in Libya were frightened.

Gregory Hicks, a diplomat based in Tripoli and a man of impeccable reputation, asked for help twice but help was denied. His third request was stopped. Ambassador Stevens told DC that the al Qaeda flag was flying over government buildings.

On the night of the attack, the armed Libyan militia fled as predicted.

A lingering question is why a larger force was not sent that night.

No one came and we have not been told the truth as to why. The US left our people behind to die.

60 Minutes was able to find out the names of some of the instigators of the attack, something our administration either does not know or has not acted upon.

Read the report at 60minutesovertime.com The comments to the post are interesting.

The report only told part of the story.

A more thorough investigation was done by Sharyl Attkisson who was under threat of losing her job over it. CBS officials, some who are tied to the Obama administration, said she was taking on an advocacy role, which she was not. Go to this page of Sharyl Attkisson stories and get a clearer, unbiased opinion as to what happened.

Hillary Clinton can be seen and heard in this video making her diversionary comments.

Ask yourself, do you want her answering that phone call at 3 a.m.?

Would it have been covered differently or more expeditiously by 60 Minutes if Bush had left the consulate unprotected, refused to help the men in the consulate and the safe house, and then lied about it?

Where has 60 Minutes been for the last year?