6th Grade Common Core Assignment Amends the ‘Outdated’ Bill of Rights


Common Core changing the Bill of Rights

A sixth grade assignment in Bryant School District in Arkansas goes something like this: The Patriot Act is believed to be infringing on our rights. The government is revisiting the Bill of Rights which has been determined to be outdated and must be rewritten. The aim is to maintain civil liberties and ensure the pursuit of happiness remains guarded. The students were then tasked with cutting two Amendments and adding two new ones after the decidedly leftist introduction on civil rights and The Patriot Act.

pt 2 common core

No government lessons or civics classes preceded this lesson.

The school district is following the Common Core.

A least one mother, Lela Spears, is concerned. She herself would not give up one Amendment.

She said that there is no book for the class and nothing to take home to study from, only a handful of handouts but nothing about how an Amendment is ratified.

It’s time to do something about Common Core!

Source: Digital Journal