78 Hardcore GITMO Terrorists Recommended for Release



Another 78 hardcore GITMO terrorists and Al Qaeda operatives have been recommended for release by the Obama administration, 75 were cleared for release in 2011. Mr. Obama is under pressure from his far-left Progressive base to release them immediately, not only them, all 149.

According to the NY Post, Barack Obama’s Periodic Review Board has cleared 78 hardcore al Qaeda for release for reasons such as: he has a “positive attitude”, he’s reformed because he took up yoga, and another must be reformed because he read a biography of the Dalai Lama.

One of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard is on the path to release because he wants to start a “milk and honey farm.”

The naiveté of this administration becomes more glaring by the day.

Obama’s release of five of the hardest of hardcore Taliban using Bergdahl as an excuse was most likely meant to pave the way for the release or stateside incarceration of all 149 prisoners in GITMO.

The only prisoners left in GITMO are the worst of the worst, none should be released.

All of these releases are the result of Mr. Obama’s Executive Order which formed the Periodic Review Board with the express purpose of emptying out GITMO.

The Periodic Review Board was formed in 2011 and was put into high gear in November of last year. It includes appointed officials from the DOJ, Pentagon, State and DHS which are chosen outside congress and by the Executive. The board is secret and unaccountable to the electorate in any way. Mr. Obama used his pen and he used his phone.

The board was told not to rely on information that has been obtained as a result of “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment (in order) to support a determination that continued law of war detention is warranted for a detainee.”

That pretty much gives them carte blanche.

The purpose of the Periodic Review Board is to close GITMO and the safety of Americans is not going to be an overriding factor.  What is a factor is what the board thinks would stand up in a Progressive court of law. The terrorists get lawyers and have access to all classified information about them and their case. The deck is stacked.

DTM-12-005 issued by the Department of Defense clarifies the goals of the Executive Order and of the board and it makes clear that these war criminals and terrorists are being given the full constitutional rights of American citizens though they were captured while at war.

When people applaud Mr. Obama’s blatant disregard of congress, they should understand that they are applauding his disregard for all of the electorate in favor of his imperial Executive branch. Congress is our only voice in government.

This board has already cleared 78 of the 149 for release according to the GITMO clock and the NY Post. The NY Post refers to the board as the terrorist parole board which is exactly what it is.

One in three released from GITMO go back to fight against the US and US interests.

Last week, the board recommended the release of Ghaleb Nassar Al Bihani because he has begun to behave at GITMO and said he wants to lead a “peaceful life.”  Al Bihani is a member of Al Qaeda who fought against US and coalition forces in Afghanistan. He is a member of Osama bin Laden’s 55th Arab Brigade. His family members are also Al Qaeda. He is an expert in land mines used to kill our soldiers.

Ali Ahmad Al-Razihi was recommended for release in April because his family has enough money to support him and he now has a positive attitude. He was recommended to be transferred to a paper prison in Yemen. He was UBL’s bodyguard and a member of Al Qaeda. He set up guesthouses for Al Qaeda and is believed to have engaged in warfare.

Mr. Obama has released 88 GITMO prisoners since his reign began and two others are serving short sentences, one in Canada.