8 Wounded, 2 Dead at Empire State Building in Workplace Shooting


Update: Jeffrey Johnson, aged 58, showed up at his former place of employment, Hazan, with a .45 caliber handgun. He was fired the year before. Since the Empire State Building is one of the landmarks with protection from terrorism, the police were on the scene as the crime unfolded.

Nine people were wounded during the shooting spree, some could have been shot by the police but there was no other option and the police behaved as heroes. None of the injured have life threatening wounds.

According to one witness, Johnson stepped up to a former colleague, a 41 year old and VP of the company named Steven Ercolino, and shot him in the face twice and then kept shooting him while he was on the ground.

Johnson calmly walked away reloading. He carried one spare round. Someone tried to stop him, according to a construction worker who observed from overhead, and Johnson shot him too.

The police shot Johnson after he started shooting at them. Johnson died at the scene.

Johnson did not have any criminal history.

The victim and Johnson had a long standing history of disagreements, even to the point of having at least one fistfight in an elevator.

Original Story: A disgruntled employee, whose company has offices inside the Empire State Building, directed his gun at a man entering the building, killing him in front of the building this morning.

He then shot 8 others in what appeared to be directed at anyone who was nearby. The 8 lay wounded on the street until help came. The shooter then aimed the gun at himself, ending his life.

While the incident was likely motivated by a workplace dispute, most of the shootings appeared to be indiscriminate though one witness said he thought the shooter singled out one man.

Tourists were shocked but it didn’t stop many from videotaping and taking pictures of one seriously wounded man laying on the street with a gunshot wound to his neck, barely breathing. People told them to step away and give him room to breathe.

NYC has the toughest gun laws in the country. Basically, there is no second amendment in NYC.