85-Year Old Man Films Tornado As It Tears Through His House



The following video was shot by Mr. Clarence “Clem” Schultz from the second story of his home in Fairdale, Ill. on April 9, 2015. Mr. Schultz survived but had a number of very serious injuries. Tragically, his wife and next door neighbor died. Mr. Schultz will return to the town on April 9th for the one year Memorial dedication and recently gave an interview to the local paper.

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Mr. Schultz, 85 years, was filming this tornado with a cell phone when the tornado suddenly turned and tore through his house.  He thought it was going to head south but tornados can turn on a dime and are completely unpredictable.

After it turned, it was too late for him to run down to the kitchen where his wife Geri was. Too late to take refuge in the cellar.

Schultz told the newspaper that he rode the debris from the collapsing chimney down and lost his grip on the phone. He then became entangled in a bed sheet before getting buried in debris.

His neighbor helped to dig him out of the rubble and sat him down on one of the house’s beams, warning him not to “look down.”

Schultz asked why and his neighbor told him that his wife was underneath him dead.

A lost photograph [below] of the couple was found 35 miles away after being carried by the storm to the town of Harvard.with his wife in the 1980s

In addition, Schultz also thought their dog, Missy, suffered the same fate as his wife, but luckily she was found by the family after an extensive search.

Mr Schultz of Fairdale ILL

He is comforted by the white shepherd dog and refuses to let anyone get near her. Missy was his wife’s precious dog.

He told the Daily Herald that Missy is happy to run after possums and raccoons at his new home in Genoa.

“I’ll be watching TV, and something comes on that needs a comment, and she (Geri) is not there,” Schultz told the Daily Herald. “But Missy’s always there.”

He said he is proud of his film and it’s being used to train people in what to do during tornados. It will save lives.

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