86 -Year Old Woman Can Fly U.S. Flag After All


Last week, Julia Lease was told by the new owners of her rental home that she had to take down her U.S. flag because of structural concerns and fair-housing reasons. She refused to take it down.

Julia Lease is 86 and has lived in the complex for three decades. She received a letter from her landlord yesterday granting her permission to fly the flag from her front porch after all.

“It’s a mixed feeling,” Lease said. “I’m glad that my flag is up, but I’m sorry that it had to take this to do it.”

Aside from the faux damaging property reason, the rental company said that it had to come down in fairness to different nationalities. Last I looked we are in the United States and most Americans would be offended that they are offended.

“You cannot affix things to their buildings,” Dimitri Mr. Hatzifotinos, an attorney for New Live Multi-Family Management, said. “Ultimately, the issue is that if you allow a display of something — from our point of view, from a fair-housing perspective — you’d have to allow a display of anything. [Management is] not against American flags, nor do they have any policy against American flags.”

The company was afraid that flying the U.S. flag at the exclusion of other nation’s flags could violate the law even though she has flown it for three decades.

Mrs. Lease suddenly received a curt note stuck in her door presumably from the new owners last week that said, “Please remove flag from your front porch. Thank you!” It was unsigned.

She told Fox News that she didn’t think she’d ever live to see a time in America when the U.S. flag couldn’t be flown. She refused to take down the flag, and said several neighbors and politicians indicated their support.

“It is a mixed message,” she said about today’s letter, “and again I still say when they bought this place three years ago (they should have) come to me face to face and we’ll talk this over. But they didn’t come to me. They sneaked up and put a note in my door.”