9/11 Bill Will Get Foreign Judges Involved in US National Security Policy


The 9/11 bill that has infuriated the Saudis to the point of them threatening to sell of $750 billion in US assets would also be a disaster for the US.

9:11 bill

It would remove sovereign immunity and allow people from foreign countries to sue us for any reason whatsoever. Remember we have droned terrorists whose families would end up suing us. It would open up private citizens to lawsuits by foreigners.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton addressed it on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom Tuesday.

Passing the “9/11 bill,” which would remove nations’ immunity privileges if they participate in terrorism attacks on U.S. soil, would be “folly,” and could open the United States’ government and private citizens up “to frivolous lawsuits all over the world,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said Tuesday.

“I know, of course, that Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are all tools and agents of the United States government, don’t you?” Bolton said about the pending bipartisan legislation on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” program. “So by removing sovereign immunity and allowing plaintiffs in foreign countries who would like to sue us because they don’t like the color of our eyes puts America far more at risk from this kind of action than Saudi Arabia is.”

Families of 9/11 victims are pushing the bill but it’s bad for America. It’s a Chuck Schumer bill and Hillary Clinton supports it. They are both hacks out buying votes.

President Obama does not support it and for only the second time in seven years, I find myself agreeing with the president. The other time was when he called Kanye West a jack@$$.

Families of victims of the 9/11 attacks are pushing for the bill in hopes of being allowed to sue nations that could have been involved in the attacks. They are also demanding the release of 28 pages removed from a congressional report about the attack, as they say the pages hide the alleged involvement of highly placed Saudis in the incidents.

John Bolton addressed both.

“Look, if the Saudi government or any part of it participated in the 9/11 attack, that requires in my view some kind of a really harsh response by government of the United States, something that neither [Presidents] George W. Bush nor Barack Obama have done. The response to an act of war should be commensurate.”

However, the response should not be “to launch a thousand ambulance-chasing lawyers to file lawsuits and God forbid, one of the worst outcomes gets federal judges involved in national security policy,” said Bolton.

He does agree that the 28 pages should be released if they do not merit being classified, however, he does not believe George Bush would ever conceal Saudi culpability.

Meanwhile, Bolton said he agrees that the 28 pages from the report should be made public, “assuming there is nothing in there that reveals sources and methods of intelligence-gathering that could affect us,” and even the Saudi government has been calling for the pages to be released for at least a decade.

Bolton told the hosts, “Given that the Taliban government of Afghanistan had a role in those attacks and that the administration’s response was to throw that regime out of office, if they really thought that Saudi Arabia had a role here, don’t you think George W. Bush would have done something about it?”

Bolton doesn’t know what’s in the 28 pages either but supports releasing all information that is not confidential.

Meanwhile, there is a “lot of speculation, a lot of gossip,” said Bolton, and he has not seen the missing 28 pages.

It is important to note that the Saudi government wants these pages released.