911 Tapes Released from Sikh Temple Shootings

Sikh Massacre

Sikhs are the nicest and most peaceful of people. It’s hard to fathom anyone wanting to hurt them.

Today, the 911 tapes were released. They are tragic and you might not want to listen to them.

The murderer killed himself after the murders and spared his living victims a painful trial.

As reported by CBS Chicago:

…Even in the chaos of the shooting, every person who called 911 had the wherewithal to first give the address of the temple, even as the gunman was still emptying his 9mm semiautomatic handgun.

“Yes, I’m calling from 7512 South Howell Avenue,” one man told a 911 operator as gunshots were heard in the background.

“There is shooting, There’s a shooting in this …” the man continued, his voice trailing off.

The operator asked “Did anyone get hit?”

As the man frantically repeated “there is shooting,” the operator told him “I understand that, did anybody get hit? Hello?”

At that point, several more shots were heard in the background before the call was cut off…

While many talk about gun control, some Sikhs are talking about carrying guns according to Fox News. Sikhs already carry ceremonial knives.