A 2nd Spiteful Reason Dems are Stupidly Dissing Employee Earned Bonuses


A big reason Democrats continue to foolishly come out and demean 4 figure bonuses being given by companies to hard working employees is obvious.  Their blind partisanship prevents them from crediting President Trump on even his most obvious successes.

That Nancy Pelosi can refer to an extra $1,000 or $2,000 in the pockets of hundreds of thousands of people who’ve seen nothing but stagnant wages for years as “pathetic crumbs” demonstrates a political strategy based on spite.  While this may be their plan, it’s hard to imagine folks, suddenly receiving bigger paychecks, and in many cases substantially improved benefits, supporting Beltway Millionaire Pelosi’s harsh critique of their very welcome financial windfalls.

But recently it became clear there’s a second and perhaps even more scandalously selfish reason for Democrats to rant against the now passed GOP tax cuts.  Some of the Dem big spenders have figured out the raises in wages, bonuses, and improved work related packages are not coming from the direct profitability of hundreds of generous corporations. Why? Because that dough is being taken from monies that would have previously been earmarked for Washington’s elected spendthrifts.

Simply put, companies are keeping the roughly 14% reduction in their corporate taxes “in house” and “redistributing” many millions of dollars to employees.  And that’s the big rub.  For decades it’s been the self-declared D.C. masterminds who’ve been in charge of redistributing tax payers’ hard earned dollars, and only as they saw fit.

The whole idea of the private sector wresting away that all powerful tool has Democrats, led by Pelosi and Schumer panicked at the thought of employers and employees being allowed to have a greater say over who controls their own money.  Well run businesses have taken the opportunity of a new tax code to begin limiting the selfish, heavy handed, big government, middle man.

While the first reason for the “loyal opposition’s” hostility to the tax cuts is clearly partisan the second is likely more sinister.  Why?  Because Chuck, Nancy, and others see this as a kind of fiscal political heresy threatening their long held domination over the lives of millions of Americans;  even while beneficiaries of the new legislation are suddenly enjoying improved financial opportunities and additional freedoms for themselves and their families.

It’s a lousy look for Democrats.  But increasingly good news for a whole lot of working people.










  1. hats off to the companies/corporations who are now enjoying a 14% lower corporate tax and sharing those saving with the employees that have made them what they are now. it is not the XO’s, chairmen or other bosses that made that company/corp what it is. it is the hard working where the rubber meets the road employees that makes that company/corp what it is today. if those workers were to just walk off, that company/corp would be gone in no time. about time for them to recognize what made them what they are. the middle class who gives them many hard working hours and years of their life.

  2. Every GOP candidate in 2018 need only run on one talking point now: Every single Dem voted against you and your companies keeping more of YOUR MONEY that YOU EARNED. The Dems support raising your taxes so they can keep enriching themselves & buying votes. They think they’re entitled to and know how best to spend your money and I don’t. It’s as simple as that.

  3. Obviously, Nancy is suffering from a Botox Overdose that has petrified her brain as badly as it has frozen her face or she would remember that…

    “…in 2011 Pelosi applauded a mere $40 payroll tax cut passed by President Barack Obama as “a victory for all Americans” that would make a difference for the “average family.””


    To Ping-Pong Ball Eyes Pelosi $40 is MUCH MORE MONEY than the $1000 – $2000 that Trump’s tax cut will bring… I mean, it’s not HER fault that that you can’t do the politically correct Common Core arithmetic they teach in San Fran Sicko…

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