A Horrible Future This Way Comes


From a Conservative’s standpoint, the next four years will take about 50 years to pass.  And it just might take exactly that long to undo the incredible damage to this country….if, in fact, we have any country left!

The election of Barack Obama to a second four-year term may be more than the country can take. The next two years have instantly become critical to our future, if there’s a future to be had as a Republic.

One More “Halo Shot” Just For Good Measure

It will be two more years before we have the opportunity to retake control of the United States Senate and at least slow down the freight train to becoming a total socialist state.  And that will be no easy task, either.  It will take flipping at least six Senate seats currently held by Democrats and it wouldn’t hurt to primary a couple of RINOs (Republicans in name only) to eliminate the chance of them gumming up the works.

As long as Obama can count on control of the Senate, his agenda will continue to roll along, almost as though there’s no opposition whatsoever.  And  even with control of the Senate, there’s the practical impossibility of overriding presidential vetoes, which require two-thirds vote.  Based on the results from November 6th, the chance of that happening are slim and none.

I’ll warn you in advance; the next two years, especially, will be a nightmare.

1)   Expect absolutely nothing passed by the House of Representatives to pass in the Senate.  Obama, Reid and Company now have an iron fisted grip on the upper chamber and can simply ignore the House of Representatives anytime they want.  And they will – often, if not always.  About the only thing the two will agree on is joint resolutions commending various groups or citizens for achievements totally outside the political sphere.  Renaming a post office will suddenly become a political issue.

2)   It seems quite reasonable to expect at least one retirement from the Supreme Court and, quite possibly, two within the next two years.  If the first one is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the political makeup of the court would stay the same – 5 to 4 with Obama’s next nominee to be as far left leaning as every other.

Mrs. Ginsburg is 79 and not in good health.   As the New York Times points out, Justice Ginsburg, a stalwart of the court’s liberal bloc, has been treated for pancreatic cancer.  Justice Antonin Scalia, the court’s most visible conservative, is 76.  Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, frequently the swing vote, is 75.  And Justice Stephen G. Breyer, like Justice Ginsburg a Democratic appointee, is about to turn 74.

If Scalia and/or Kennedy decide to call it quits, Obama would then be in a position to reshape the highest court in the land to a totally liberal mindset.  People also have a habit of dying at any age, so that figures prominently in the equation.

It’s generally expected that a swing to a liberal court would result in the almost immediate attack on the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights and, immediately thereafter, changes in the Constitution to grant more power to the office of President.  Obama will have to be extremely careful in that area because there’s always the chance that a Republican might become President and he certainly doesn’t want his agenda to be unraveled via the very powers he seeks.

3)   Prepare yourselves for a deluge of government agency regulations, designed and implemented as an end-around to congressional oversight – just as we’ve seen for the past four years from agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and Homeland Security.

This drive for a totalitarian form of government – governing by fiat – is clearly the goal and that goal will be achieved if Obama is allowed to run roughshod over the country for all four years.

4)   Look for a much greater expansion of the nanny state approach.   The redistribution of wealth, strong emphasis on entitlements, and a general attitude of “power from the top down”, rather than from the people up.  Taking from the rich will not make the poor any better off.  It will simply increase the size of the low middle class and require more federal programs to provide food, clothing and shelter for a few million more people.

The incentive to pursue the American dream is nearly gone now.  It will disappear within the next four years in favor of a “gimme” attitude – which is exactly what dictators do to control the majority of people.

One of the major changes we’ve witnessed over the past four years is the total erosion of religious freedom.   A few, using the liberal interpretation of the Constitution, have dictated to the vast majority in removing anything and everything from our lives that includes any reference to religion. Christmas is the most obvious, but the attack is broad and will eventually include the total  elimination of religion.

The nation’s motto – In God We Trust – is as good as gone.  The Pledge of Allegiance will see “under God” removed so fast it will make your head spin.  This “Constitutional Expert Professor” will see to it.

Oddly, while this war against religion is fought, none of the national holidays surrounding religious events will be affected.  Don’t expect the lights to be on at any federal agency during Christmas and “holiday pay” will be the last thing abolished.  Even then, holiday pay will be replaced with standard pay increases, just to offset the difference.  Congress will still take lengthy “vacations” at the exact same time of year, it just won’t be called Christmas, Easter or any other similar name.

5)   And speaking of religion – and this is an extremely “touchy” subject – changes will be made to the present Constitution, or other proclamations issued, which will allow sharia law to be practiced in the United States.  The total elimination of  the church and state connection will allow ANY form of legal practice, including sharia law, to become common.

Current “cruel and inhuman” stipulations found in the Constitution regarding legal punishment will simply not matter, nor will any of the currently accepted legal practices of our entire court system. Any form of court system outside of the present will never require an appellate division because decisions from the lowest courts will be instantly “final”.

Don’t expect this to take place overnight.  It takes time to get all of the pieces in place to convert a country of 315 million people into mega Cuba.

6)   On matters that have immediate impact, keep a close eye on the European Union.  When it finally goes under, make sure your pantry is overloaded because the impact will be devastating to the United States as well.

If you believe the U.S. economy is “recovering”, well….just wait a while longer.  We’ve lived through three “Recovery Summer(s)” that have produced no recovery at all, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest yet another major recession is about to envelope the land.  The president will blame George W. Bush.

Private enterprise – praying for a miracle during the Christmas season – will be seriously disappointed and the onset of the cost associated with Obamacare will send many over the edge and into obscurity.

7)   Immediately following this coming Christmas buying season, watch for the “seasonally adjusted” unemployment numbers to go right back up to, if not higher than, the current dismal numbers.

8)   If you think the price of gasoline is high now, wait until you see what’s in store.  A major recession will drive the OPEC price per gallon down, but the retail price – influenced by a major recession – will bring the price at the pump to nearly the European cost – $7 a gallon, if not higher.

9)   With the collapse of small businesses, many more people will turn to the federal government for relief, which is exactly what socialism is all about.  They won’t be able to seek help at the state level because the states are in even deeper financial trouble.  They’ll be first in line for federal assistance – especially California, New York, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan – oddly, all states that fully supported the election of Barack Obama.

10)   The prospects for a loyal opposition to prevent any of these actions from taking place certainly isn’t promising.  Republicans have been seriously hurt by ideological differences within their own party and the popularity of Libertarians has eroded the Republican base to the point it is now causing election losses at every level of government.  Again, a strong indication that the liberal’s socialist agenda has an excellent chance to control it all.

11)   Don’t look for election reform or voter ID laws – at least not at the federal level.  Democrats are not about to destroy the corrupt elections that have them sitting pretty inside the Beltway.  When 59 voting districts in Philadelphia recorded 100% of nearly 20,000 votes for ONE presidential candidate, you’ve got a damned good thing going.  No sense in changing that!

12)   There will be dissent.  Not all of the millions of Americans who voted for Barack Obama will be very happy when his socialist agenda affect them directly.  When his agenda shuts down their GDP and has them applying for food stamps, many will angrily react.  That reaction will be too late.

Not recognizing a Marxist Socialist that’s operating right before your very eyes is an ignorance that I personally can’t comprehend.  But, it’s happening and you will get exactly what you elected.