A large step in the “wrong” direction


What a relief. I think I have finally met a true Progressive, that rare Liberal whom I really “admire?”

Liberal Bingh Tang wrote in last week’s paper, “ObamaCare: a large step in the right direction,” how the “profit motive should be taken out of our healthcare system.” “Healthcare should be provided (free of charge) for the welfare of all” and what’s wrong with ObamaCare is “that it does not go far enough.”

WOW! What a guy! What an evaluation!

I truly “respect” Mr Tang for :

  1. Being willing to endorse a “free” $850 BILLION-DOLLAR program which the Congressional Budget Office now says will cost ME,  the taxpayer,  $2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS for the first 10 years alone! Thanks so much Mr Tang!
  2. Endorsing a program, which, in spite of Obama’s claim that it would lower healthcare costs, INCREASED healthcare costs 14% in one year alone! That doesn’t bother Mr. Tang at all.
  3. Nancy Pelosi promised a $1,500 dollar reduction in yearly healthcare premiums per family,  but – as Mr Tang fully knows – they skyrocketed in 2011!
  4. Senator Chuck Schumer said Medicare would not be affected at all. Mr. Tang’s plan, ObamaCare, immediately removes $500 billion dollars from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare. I’m 71 years old. Thanks Mr.Tang!
  5. Senator Gillibrand said there would be no increase in taxes. Yet, to finance Mr Tang’s favorite plan, $500 billion dollars of new taxes and fees were added! Can’t wait for Mr Tang to expand the benefits. I know, they are definitely NOT taxes! Oh, wait a minute. Now they definitely ARE taxes!
  6. Joe Biden said we would be able to “keep our own doctor,” yet Mr.Tang’s plan states very clearly, that keeping your own MD would occur ONLY if you stay with your original insurance plan. And that would rarely happen.
  7. Harry Reid told us that this was not “socialized medicine, yet in Mr. Tang’s plan, ObamaCare, there are 127 new government agencies, committees and bureaus, to administer it. I know, Mr Tang, it will probably be run as well as the US Post Office. I can’t wait!
  8. Congressman Steve Israel told us that the our First Amendment rights would never be violated, yet Mr. Tang’s plan mandates that Catholics  pay for birth control and abortion.
  9. Congressman Tim Bishop told us that only U.S. citizens would be covered, yet Mr. Tang’s plan refuses to include a citizenship verification for all recipients. I know, Mr. Tang, asking anyone for proof is quite “humiliating.” Nobody lies anyway. Yea, right!

What a guy this Mr. Tang is. He wants to take the greatest healthcare system on the planet, turn it over to government bureaucrats, violate our constitutional rights, and bankrupt our country!

Liberals are so kind, so understanding and so philanthropic until you disagree with them or they run out of my money.

Just a reminder to Mr.Tang and all of his friends: Don’t forget to vote on November 9th.