A Politician’s Character Doesn’t Matter, Weiner vs. Bachmann



Is it only about the ideology? When I was a Democrat and a school administrator, Bill Clinton was embroiled in the Lewinsky scandal. The question of character came up with my assistant when I said I was bothered by Clinton’s questionable character. My assistant said he wouldn’t be disturbed about any of Bill’s character flaws because only the politics matters. Is that true? Recently, two congress people, Michele Bachmann and Anthony Weiner, were pitted against one another in a TV debate. Their views are polar opposites. Their characters appear to be as well. Can people put their ideology aside for an ethical principle?

Michele Bachmann has a Masters of Law degree and worked as a tax attorney. She is the mother of 5 of her own children and 23 foster children. The leftist blogs, such as Wonkette, say she is running a baby farm and they claim $30 a day makes it worthwhile. Joy Behar, the leftist sniper, actually said Michele Bachmann hates kids. I guess taking care of 23 foster children means you hate kids.

Michele Bachmann and her husband run a successful Christian counseling service and own a stake in a family farm. According to the left that makes her a Jesus freak. Bachmann was one of the founders of a Charter school in 1993 and whether you agree with charter schools or not (I do not), she believes in providing a good education to children besides her own.

It is doubtful, she needs to make money off children, but that doesn’t stop the speculation, based on no evidence by the way. She was raised in a Democratic family but decided she was a Republican while a senior in college.

Michele Bachmann was born in Iowa and then moved to Minnesota. When her parents divorced, her mother was left to fend for herself. Bachmann knew early on what it meant to struggle her way to success. On her site, Michele Bachmann says about her time raising her own children and her foster children, “It was wonderful, probably the most intellectually rewarding time of my life…We both had broken hearts for at-risk children,” Bachmann recalls.

They never intended to take in 23 of them, but the requests to find room for just one more child kept coming. “We just continued to say yes,” says Bachmann. I understand her reaction because it happened in my family. There are so few good foster homes for the number of children who need homes that social services will keep sending the children whenever they find a receptive family. It’s almost impossible to say no when you love children. The challenge inherent in rearing at risk children cannot be paid for monetarily. There are no scandals surrounding Mrs. Bachmann or her husband.

Michele Bachmann votes conservative consistently on every issue.

Anthony Weiner, U.S. Congressman for NY’s 9th district, has held the office since 1999. Prior to that, he was on the city council and an aide to Senator Charles Schumer. He was a political science major in college and grew up in a wonderful family by all accounts. He was often seen as a champion of the NY Democratic agenda and, to be specific, he was the party’s attack dog, known for his adept ability to distract, digress and detract. He has been a good soldier of the liberal agenda and, except for one instance, votes for everything his party has put forward.

Weiner’s recent scandal does not need to be repeated in depth here as it is all over the news and this site for anyone interested in the sordid details. To summarize, for at least the past three years, Rep. Weiner has been sexting and sending lewd messages to as many as 6 young women despite being married. The messages were often quite vulgar, but it appears the women were willing participants in his online affairs. He has been married for less than a year and is expecting his first child.

His problems only began with the revelations about his affair and continued with his repeated lies about them. He even sat silent while the far left media machine attacked the blogger (Andrew Brietbart) who released the information. They called Breitbart the hacker and made up stories about him savaging one of the young girls. For ten days, Weiner did nothing to dispel these rumors festered by his lies and overly enthusiastic supporters working on his behalf. Only when one of the women came forward with more information did he fess up.

I don’t know how anything he says can be trusted after this, but that’s me. Even when he gave his tearful apology, he lied about having conspired with the girls to lie, rendering his apology worthless. His ex-girlfriend, Kirsten Powers, who is a staunch Democrat, said the following on Fox the other night, He lied to the country about his sexual misconduct online. He also lied to me. I had been defending him, based on what he told me, but no more. Weiner must resign from Congress immediately.

Take a look at these videos and ask yourself if it’s only about ideology. Does character matter as you listen to both speak. Forget the political viewpoints as they are speaking and simply ask which one is more trustworthy. There are some obvious stylistic differences between these two representatives, but does honesty come into this debate in your mind? The voters will have to decide. So far the polls in District 9 say Weiner should stay. They either haven’t seen the emails or they don’t care about character.

Michele Bachmann vs. Anthony Weiner pts 1 & 2