A President Romney Will Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, July 28

Romney said Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. If he is elected, he will be the first president to make such a declaration. Romney said the capital should be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In his meeting with Netanyahu, Romney pledged to “stand with Israel.”

Romney says the United States must be “unapologetic ambassadors” to push to advance the values that the United States and Israel share.

He agrees with Israel that Iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. He supports Israel’s right to defend herself. Romney supports negotiations and peaceful approaches first.

Romney said in an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation that Iran “must not become a nuclear nation” and that the situation is the “greatest single” threat faced by the United States. He declined to highlight the specific differences between his and President Obama’s foreign policies since he is a guest in another country. [Fox News]

The liberal media, both here and in Israel, are devaluing the meeting by saying Romney and Netanyahu are close friends, which is a media invention, though the two leaders do seem to like each other. Obama, on the other hand, appears to despise Netanyahu and Israel.

The media also claimed that Romney is very aggressive and will put America’s interests after Israel’s. There is more, but the fact is that the media is blatantly continuing their pro-Obama propaganda.

It is interesting that all the liberal media are making the exact same statements as if they were writing from a prepared script – getting their tips from the White House perhaps? That’s our media!

By the way, why has our president never visited Israel as president (he has flown over it a few times)? He might visit next year. No doubt where Obama stands on Israel.

Listen to Jay Carney refuse to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.