A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane With Al Gore


Remember when Al Gore was sure Saddam had nuclear weapons. That was before he was sure he didn’t.

How can anyone trust this man? It’s especially hard to trust him since he’s now making a fortune out of traumatizing people over climate change which may or may not be man-made, and which may or may not be unusual, which may or may not be something we can affect, and so on.

In 1992 Al Gore slammed George Bush for ignoring Saddam Hussein’s ties to terrorism and Saddam’s building of nuclear weapons.

Remember when he said recently that he had 1 million viewers for his “24 hours of reality” broadcast and it was only about 17,000 (who probably used it as a cure for insomnia). Read here: Fox News

I can’t even start on global warming and his faux expose, An Inconvenient Truth.

He has been popping up again in the news lately and it reminded me that I should give him a little attention, that crazed sex poodle that he is (one of his sexual harassment accusers words, not mine).