A Strict Islamic State for Egypt By Arab Winter

Strict Religious Law Abolishes Women's Rights

I wouldn’t want to be accused of Islamophobia, perish the thought, but what the hay!!! Egypt is leaving the 21st century and heading for the middle ages.

We have been told the rebels who led the Arab Spring in Egypt are moderate, and that is true of some of the rebels, but moderates will not rule Egypt.

The extreme Islamists believe they will have a strong presence in the new government based on the elections and are planning for strict religious law.

All that we heard from the Brotherhood about not banning alcohol or requiring women to wear scarves – well, you can throw that out the window. I doubt you will see any women’s rights and the Coptic Christians will be in grave danger.

When people have to look to the Muslim Brotherhood for moderation, you know they are in trouble. The good news allegedly is that the “moderate” Brotherhood will have the majority. The Brotherhood is the band of thugs our President insisted be included in the formation of the new government.

Sixty-two percent of the voting populace turned out for the election and while the full outcome won’t be known until January, information is leaking out.

AP: …However, leaked counts point to a clear majority for Islamist parties at the expense of liberal activist groups that led the uprising against Hosni Mubarak, toppling a regime long seen as a secular bulwark in the Middle East.

The more pragmatic Muslim Brotherhood is poised to take the largest share of votes, as much as 45 percent. But the Nour Party, which espouses a strict interpretation of Islam in which democracy is subordinate to the Quran, could win a quarter of the house, giving it much power to affect debate.

A spokesman, Yousseri Hamad, said his party considers God’s law the only law.

“In the land of Islam, I can’t let people decide what is permissible or what is prohibited,” Hamad told The Associated Press. “It is God who gives the answers as to what is right and what is wrong.”