A Woman Raped Every 20 Minutes in India

indian police shoot tear gas at protesters
indian police shoot tear gas at protesters


The real war on women is not whether Sandra Fluke has to pay for her own contraceptives.

A woman in India is raped every 20 minutes in India and the sexual crimes against women are rising. New Dehli is now the rape capital of the world.

One young woman, Ariana, was gang raped by 8 men who videotaped the assault. Her father, believing the family was dishonored, killed himself. He could not live with how she would be viewed by society nor could he live with the memory of what happened to her.

Ariana decided to come forward and have them all punished so her father’s death would not go unpunished. She is now under constant police protection for having come forward.

Most sexual assaults go unreported in India.

Female feticide has left the female population of India decimated. In Delhi, there are only 830 girls for every 1000 boys in a male-dominated society. Some are actually suggesting that child marriages should be allowed to stop the rapes.

Protests in support of women have grown violent with one such protest resulting in the death of a 36 year old TV reporter. That protest in Imphal was over the attack on a model and film actress named Momoko. She was dragged off the stage in front of the audience by an armed militant who tried to rape her.

Momoko was able to fight him off and flee. She made a public plea to capture her attacker.

In another case of a 23-year old psychotherapy student gang-raped by seven drunk men, public cries for justice have prompted the Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde to consider demands for the seven suspects to face the death penalty have failed to quell the anger.

The girl is fighting for her life after each man took turns raping her and then used an iron rod to cause serious internal intestinal damage.

She communicates by scrawling notes to her family, asking “Have they been caught?” She wrote on another,”They should be punished” and “I want to live.”