AARP Pretends They’re Nonpartisan & Slams Obama’s Use of Their Name


The left-leaning AARP which Obama referred to during the debates is NOT supporting Obama or any presidential candidate for re-election.

This is the best a Republican could hope for. Though they claim to be nonpartisan, there is little evidence from the past that this is the case.

AARP is just another shill with its hands in the Obamacare treasure chest. They never stop denigrating Romney. They are as phony as a $3 bill.

They slammed Obama for using them during the debate but I haven’t heard them complain about their name being used in Obama’s Obamacare ads.

AP: WASHINGTON — AARP is reminding voters that it’s not endorsing any candidates after President Barack Obama cited the group in the first presidential debate.

Obama mentioned the lobbying organization for seniors twice Wednesday in discussing Medicare and Social Security. He noted that AARP supports his health care law and opposes the voucher-like program Republican Mitt Romney has proposed for Medicare in the future.

AARP’s senior vice president, John Hishta, says AARP is nonpartisan and has never consented to the use of its name by any campaign or political group and doesn’t take sides in political races…