ABC News Spreads Lies About Trump Smashing Barricades



Thousands of people went to downtown Fresno on Friday to see Donald Trump. Inside, the large crowd was welcoming, chanting USA! USA! but not outside where security was tight and rioters pretending to be protesters were screaming and cursing. Protesters, some waving Mexican flags, were throwing objects at the motorcade.

ABC reporter Jessica Peres must be trying to become the next Katie Couric, competing for dishonest reporting. Couric recently starred in a falsified documentary, “Under the Gun”, and she said she stands behind it. No kidding, that’s what she said.

You might hear, thanks to abc news, that Trump smashed through a police barricade with his motorcade as they raced through at high speed. You might hear Trump and his cars could have killed people but the truth is The California Highway Patrol (CHP) took them through the barricade and none of what is being said is accurate.

This is what abc is being spread around.

CHP took the motorcade through and they didn’t ram anything except for ONE plastic police barricade which the first car knocked over. The motorcade wasn’t going at high speed.

The police had opened up a path through the barricades for the police escorts, Trump cars, Secret Service, and knew they were coming through, but the first car – a police car with its sirens and lights going – in the motorcade accidentally hit one of the light plastic barricades.

Those barricades are light – very – and the car just barely hit it causing it to fly off to the side. They are so light, one of the officers standing by the barricade knocked two over just bumping them slightly as he walked away.

The lead police car was going faster than the cars following because it was clearing the way. Trump’s vans were far behind and were not speeding.

Trump has no control over this. Do you think he said, okay officers, this is what we’re going to do, lay waste to the first barricade you see and I’ll pay for it. [this is the alleged dialogue that went on.]

Watch it yourself: