ABC News’s Corrupt Poll Shows This Candidate in the Lead with a Big ‘But’


Donald Trump took a 1-point lead over Hillary Clinton in a new ABC/Washington Post tracking poll of the race, capturing 46% to Clinton’s 45%, well within the poll’s margin of error.

Trump’s lead in the survey is the first he’s held since the poll was first conducted in June, abc news wrote, and comes with just a week to go until Election Day.

He didn’t go up that much in a week in all likelihood. He’s been up. They’ve been lying but that’s an opinion.

AOL quoted abc news as claiming that Trump’s lead is buoyed by increased enthusiasm among his supporters, and decreased enthusiasm from Clinton’s, according to the poll. Still, despite taking a nominal lead in this survey, there are troubling signs for Trump’s chances, they insisted.

They then went on about how 25% of Americans have already voted (early voting favors Democrats) and the poll is so small it’s meaningless, especially since she’s 7 points ahead in Monkey polling.

The only thing that is meaningless is abc news and the rest of the corrupt media.

As Newt Gingrich tweeted, abc’s polling is an absurdity.

The polls are corrupt, especially theirs. When they reported the Bloomberg poll, they didn’t even mention who is in the lead.

Look at the kowtowing the media does even though they are looked upon with great disdain.

The team thinks they are psychotic.

WaPo asks permission to quote from an article.

It’s not just them. It’s all of them with very few exceptions.