Absolutely Insane Sound Bite News


Mohammed Morsi who disbanded the country’s Constitutional Court to draft a constitution with groups of his own choosing called on all Egyptians and the judges to get together in a Kumbaya moment to support his new Sharia-compliant Constitution. The judges, unsurprisingly, have no plans to conduct the traditional oversight of the referendum. [bbc.co.uk]

Terrorsist Mahmoud Abbas returned home to thousands of cheering Palestinians after the UN, a completely worthless body of Autocrats, voted to upgrade their status from “non-member observer entity” to “non-member observer state.” Abbas didn’t have to give up a thing for it and can now operate more freely to torture Israel. [bbc.co.uk]

Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher shot himself in front of his coach shortly after killing his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, 22. The game went on without mention of his name. They should have burned his jersey on the field. [bbc.co.uk]

Snow caused a giant traffic jam in Russia that puts LA traffic to shame. The length of the traffic was about 124 miles and field kitchens were set up to feed people though some people never saw the food. One driver got to move 1 kilometer last Sunday. After three days, traffic returned to normal. [bbc.co.uk]

After a hard day’s work, what better way to relax for a dollar a minute? Why coffin therapy of course! it gets you used to dying while you still have a heart beat. I don’t know why this will help since hopefully, once dead, you won’t know you’re in a coffin.

More Nigerian Christians murdered by Islamists:

Late on Saturday night, residents say a group of men went from house to house in a largely Christian area of the remote village of Chibok, before slitting the throats of 10 people.

“Suspected Boko Haram came at night and set people’s houses on fire before killing their victims,” Nuhu Clark, a former councillor of the village who escaped the attack, told Reuters news agency. He said he counted 10 bodies.

Government regulators from 193 countries are meeting at the UN this week to look at regulating, limiting, and taxing the Internet but they want to allay all our fears – it won’t be that bad the commies in the UN claim.

The UN wants to enter the Internet governance business. Russia loves the idea, especially the idea of censorship, and Obama is fairly silent on the issue, in fact he hasn’t said anything. [bbc.co.uk]