Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki, “The American,” Beheaded by al-Shabaab

Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki

Abu Mansoor, born May 6, 1984, died March or April 2012.

Numerous unconfirmed reports indicate it was Abu Mansoor who was beheaded sometime on or around April 5th in a fight with his comrades over Sharia’h law. A meeting was held without him days before his presumed death, he fled, was hunted down, and swiftly dispatched. His body is buried in the desert according to al-Shabaab.

Abu Mansoor was the all American boy, born in Daphne, Alabama where he graduated from high school. He later went to the University of Southern Alabama for a time, converted to Islam, and was the President of the Muslim Student Association. His father is a Syrian-Muslim and his mother an American Southern Baptist.

Abu, thoughs raised as a Baptist, while in college, became a Salafi, the strictest form of Islam. He married a Somali-Canadian women and they moved to Egypt where they had a daughter. Abu, who no longer went by the name Omar Hammami, met Daniel Maldonado and the two went secretly to Somalia and joined al-Shabaab – the  Mujahideen.

As Omar Hammami, he was President of his sophomore class in high school, dated the most popular blonde in school and was a charismatic kid. He was a star in the gifted program and dreamed of becoming a surgeon. He sounded like any other charming southerner according to his friends.

Like many kids his age, he liked Kurt Cobain, soccer, Nintendo and veered towards Shakespeare. As an adolescent, he was funny and rebellious. His friend, Trey Gunter, said he was born to be a leader. Unfortunately, ten years later, he was leading one of the most ruthless Islamic groups in Somalia – al Shabaab – in the hopes of overthrowing the American-backed Somali government.

He made propaganda videos through interviews with Al Jazeera, rapping his invitations to Jihad. He talked easily about murdering his targets.

On one video, he said that he planned to form a Caliphate in the East and the West. He was used as a recruitment tool by the Mujahideen.

He was indicted in Alabama on terrorism violations. in 2007 and 2009 and a warrant was issued.

Abu’s vicious and extreme version of Islam-

About 43 seconds in, he talks about his life being in danger.

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I wonder if in his last moments he gave any thought to what he left behind in the United States or even of his daughter and wife whom he abandoned. We will never know. He raps Jihad no more.