Accusation That Trump Lied But You Decide



GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been threatening to sue his opponent Senator Ted Cruz of Texas for ads Trump believes are inaccurate and he’s threatened to sue over Cruz’s citizenship. Cruz has told him to bring it on. Trump has continually accused him of lying and landed some more volleys today but not everyone believes Trump is the one who was truthful.

Trump said that Cruz was “forced to apologize to Dr. Ben Carson for fraudulently stealing his votes in Iowa”.

Trump also said that Cruz is watching his poll numbers tank. However, a new poll out from NBC indicates that both Cruz and Rubio are leading Trump nationally by 16 points.

The editor of the hill, AB Stoddard, in an appearance on Fox News’s Special Report, stated that there were so many things he said that aren’t true she wouldn’t have time to deal with them all. She mentioned the “lies” about George Bush and Trump’s unverified claim that he was always opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. No one can find any evidence that he was strongly opposed to the wars and yet he says he made very public statements about it.

Stoddard then dealt with the issue of Cruz’s so-called apology which he never made.

Cruz never apologized and he certainly didn’t steal any votes. Carson out-performed and did “very well”, Stoddard said.



  1. Wow where did these facts come from…I saw a clip of Cruz apologizing to Ben Carson before the debate….this must be another site that deals out half truths and hopes people will believe them

    • I don’t think that’s what Stoddard was saying or me for that matter. Cruz didn’t say he was sorry for stealing votes. He said he was sorry he didn’t send a follow up tweet. I wish all our candidates would stop insulting each other. We can’t afford to lose this election. The opposition is fighting a revolution and we’re playing at it.

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