Active Shooter(s) in San Bernardino With 14 Reported Dead – Update


We will update as more information becomes known, watch live on the link below


09:15 pm PST:

A 28-year old Qatari citizen Tasheen Malik (female), has been identified as one of the shooters along with US citizen Syed Farook. I think these names are Irish, can anyone confirm?

Farooq’s brother is a suspect.

Farooq was a county employee and is said to have attended the Christmas party last year. Will it be called workplace violence?

Qatar is a nation that sponsors terrorism and Barack Obama has allied the United States with them.

Instead of being concerned about the Islamic refugees coming into the country and the fact that we are at war with radical Islam, the left is concerned about gun control. The victims are not the topic, gun control is the topic.

ISIS websites are taking credit for the attack and are using the hashtag #America_burning.

Law enforcement found what appear to be pipe bombs.

A neighbor said three or four Middle Eastern men would come during the night and work in the garage.

There are more suspects out there and conceivably more bombs and more plans to launch attacks.

So far, a man and a woman were killed by police and a third person is being interviewed but not necessarily a suspect.

CAIR gave a press conference in which they expressed their sorrow for the loss of life. One speaker asked the public to not blame Islam, Islam does not accept this kind of behavior. A brother of Syed Farooq expressed the families sorrow and sympathy for the victims. He said he doesn’t know why his brother-in-law would do something like this.

CAIR is a terrible organization. They are terror-tied.


07:37 PST: Syed Farook has been identified by the LA Times as one of the suspects in the California shooting. His father confirmed and said his son is a devout Muslim. He is not one of the two deceased killers.


05:20 PST: The only name that came over the police scanners was Farooq Saheed. One man and one woman suspect are dead. They are not sure if there were three shooters. The police have no idea if the person who left during a dispute at the meeting/luncheon was the person who came back. They threw a pipe bomb when they were chased by police. A third suspect is detained. Terrorism is on the table and the FBI is deeply involved.


3:55 PST: There is an unconfirmed report by NBC that there was a meeting/holiday luncheon at which one of the attendees grew angry, left the meeting, and came back with two others and started shooting. That is according to a witness who was in the room and was  shot. A man is on the run. One man or woman is dead in the street and another man or woman was pulled out of the back seat of the black van dead.

Authorities are going house to house looking for the suspect on South Waterman.

During a presser, the police said police spotted the car and got into a gun battle. One officer was hit but doesn’t face life-threatening injuries. Two suspects are dead.

There is a shooting at a nearby Chipotle but it’s not known if it’s connected.

The meeting/luncheon was an environmental services meeting.


3:20 PST: There are now 17 wounded who have minor injuries and gun shot wounds, 14 deceased. There has been a shootout in San Bernardino only a couple miles away from the original shooting scene with suspects in a black van. One officer was reported to have been hit by a ricochet bullet but is okay. One suspect is believed to have escaped on foot, one or two suspects are down in the van and the tactical squad is moving in. One suspect is dead. It’s an active, fluid scene. The police doesn’t know if it’s connected. However, the suspect running was removing his camouflage gear but he might be the person lying dead in the street.


2:20 PST: Marybeth Field, the president and CEO of the Southern California social services center where gunmen opened fire says the shooting happened in a conference area where the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health was having a banquet.


2:00: PST: The Sheriff in San Bernadino said during a presser that 14 are believed dead and 14 injured. The suspects may have fled in a black SUV but law enforcement doesn’t know who the suspects are. They do not know it’s a terrorist incident.


1:25 PST: The event was apparently targeted was honoring county personnel according to a witness.

Barack Obama told Norah O’Donnell this afternoon that these shootings can be made rare by ‘common sense’ gun laws. He said some laws are broken, for example, buying a gun while on the terror watch list is a loophole, however, the terror watch list is known to be a joke.

The NRA resistance to keeping guns from the mentally ill or people on watch lists, is only that due process be included in any bill, but that is not what has being considered.

Obama called for a bipartisan effort at every level of government to come together to solve this problem, he said. Yesterday, he said he was considering executive orders to control guns.

He was meeting with Norah O’Donnell during the shooting and said the following according to O’Donnell.



There is an active shooter situation in a San Bernardino adult care, social services center, The Inland Regional Center, according to the Fire Department. As many as 20 people have been shot or involved in some way and 12 are possibly dead. Multiple victims are being treated and there are reports that there are more than 20.

The LA Times is reporting there were three shooters who escaped after the gunfire. The Times reported that they received the information from multiple law enforcement sources.

It began about 11:00 am. The shootings happened rapidly and the police are afraid the shooter(s) left in a black SUV. Since then, nothing, though police are concerned there might be a bomb on site.

A report says one heavily armed shooter walked into a conference room and started shooting. The CEO said an outside group was renting the conference room and that’s where the shooting was concentrated according to CBS. Marybeth Feild of the Inland Regional Center says “the incident is in the conference area” that an outside group was renting Wednesday. Some witnesses believe it was the location of a Christmas party, possibly by a San Bernadino county employees.

There is one report that the LA police have the name of one shooter.

People are hiding out in this facility and the crime scene is still active.

SWAT is on the scene and in the building. The FBI and ATF are on the scene as well as the bomb squad.

There are three shooters armed with rifles and witnesses say they were in ski masks and body armor but none are in custody. One man witnessed a man in camouflage walk out calmly into an SUV that drove away slowly.

The police are looking for the black GMC SUV that left the building. Police on scene said that an SUV left and they would like to speak with the people in the van.

Police were in a shooting training exercise nearby and were on the scene quickly but there had already been a number of victims.

The police have been escorting people out because they believe there might be a bomb in building 2.

There are three buildings and there are about 200 to 300 staff on duty alone. The center is always busy and filled with people. There is a suspicious device in building 2 which will be exploded. Building 1 has been cleared. The police are going office to office.

SWAT is calling for battering rams and bolt cutters in the belief shooters might be inside.

The media has been rushing to speak with people hiding from the shooter(s):

san bernadino3

One of the texts to a loved one:

sanbernadino text

sand bernadion2

san berndino


stop and pray

One man said his daughter texted him to “pray for us” and that there are people shot.